November 21, 2008

Movie Review: Magic Mirror


Director: Cristian Ferrero.
Cast: Caio Barcellos, Luke, Yuri Prado, Tiago, Denis, Marcio Costa, Cristian Torquato, Thiago Dutra.

A bit of street cruising leads cute Caio Barcellos on an erotic journey that starts with the discovery of the titular Magic Mirror, which allows him to see sexual encounters when he looks into it. The twink follows muscular Luke into a deserted building where he goes through the looking glass to have a hot encounter with Tiago. Sure, they are actually on a tacky set consisting of loud leopard prints draped everywhere, but their sex is good enough to get Barcellos worked up. He walks around the mirror again and again but can’t seem to break the glass. Then Denis enters and goes to the other side for some hot oral with a hooded Cristian Torquato, who gets his mouth stuffed with uncut cock in some intense close-ups. Eventually, Marcio Costa shows up in a bizarre toga outfit and takes mercy on the newbie, feeding him his fat dick and banging him from behind. Barcellos never figures out the mystery, but at least he gets off. There’s some sluggish editing here and the droning soundtrack will make viewers want to hit the mute button, but the foreign cast manages to make this Mirror shine. (Arena Entertainment)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

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