November 5, 2008

Rewind: At Large/Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell!

The two discs of ManPlay Double Pack: At Large and Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell! bring together horny prisoners and beefy marines for four hours of raunchy, sweaty mansex. In At Large, guard Matt Bradshaw (top photo) gags prisoner Steve O’Donnell with his meaty cock then bends him over and fucks the hell out of him. Sexy Scott Davis and beefy Brady Martin facefuck hard-bodied Patrick Allen in his cell until all three splatter the floor with spunk. Cellmate studs Damian Ford and Jon Galt spear each other’s throats with their fat cocks then fuck until they’re dripping with sweat and cum. Hunky prison guard Steve Cassidy gets his due when a bunch of horned-up prisoners handcuff him to a bench and gang fuck him to within an inch of his life.

In Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell!, a bunch of tough men in uniform do a lot of ass pumping and throat fucking. These guys are packing some seriously deadly artillery, and they know how to use it! Big-dicked Thom Barron fucks ripped Tuck Johnson’s eager throat in the shower and dares him to tell anybody about it. Matt Bradshaw and horsehung Chad Johnson bang Blake Harper and then drench his hairy pecs in giant wads of sperm. Logan Reed and Jason Branch fuck Steve Cassidy senseless before the guys all gather in a bar for a hot orgy featuring Michael Brandon and his massive monster as the star attraction. For more information, visit

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