November 17, 2008

Short Takes: Bruno Snags Two Studs…and More

The New York Daily News picked up on our story last week about talent manager David Forest, but it named names. (Actually, we knew the names that Rush and Molloy named in their gossip column, but we weren’t allowed to reveal them…yet.) Now it can be known that the two models Forest landed parts for in a mainstream project are Tony Capucci (above) and Tyler Saint. Both porn stars will be appearing in the new movie from actor-writer Sacha Baron Cohen titled Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Male in which he plays a flamboyant fashion journalist. They performed in an orgy scene that was filmed at the Aramano Hotel in Burbank. Forest similarly got the former Stonie (now known as Brittany Coxxx) the part of Cohen’s son in the megahit Borat. If Bruno does half of what Borat did, Capucci and Saint will be widely seen next summer.…Retired porn star (and current CEO of his own production company) Collin O’Neal also flirted with the mainstream last week when a video he shot in Paris was chosen as a featured story by’s user-generated Hairy hunk O’Neal writes that the vid featured “my commentary on how different Europeans and especially the French have been treating Americans abroad since the election of Barack Obama.” To hear Collin’s views and see him rocking a funky mohawk, click here.…We’re hearing that COLT man Luke Garrett (below) is retiring from the big biz. The shaved-headed muscle stud has appeared in numerous movies, including Hawaii and Wide Strokes, and will also be featured in the latest COLT release from director John Rutherford, Inside Out. Wonder whether that will be his swan song.


Baxter's Briefs said...

If Bruno is half as good as Borat, it's going to be funny as hell! I've been waiting patiently for this one!

Anonymous said...

that italian guy is super cute but did he ever suck dick or french kiss,