November 3, 2008

Short Takes: Vote NO on Prop 8…and More

Readers who live in California have an important vote to cast tomorrow (besides the obvious one). Celebrities such as Cher, Ellen DeGeneres, Brad Pitt and others have come out in favor of voting NO on Prop 8, which is an anti-marriage amendment to the California state constitution that would impinge on the basic human rights of gay people. Now fitness director Sam Page (left, who in a former life was Sam Tyson, a porn star we interviewed) has posted a video on his Peace Love Lunges Web site that makes the choice a no-brainer. Amen, Sam. Click here to watch.…The director of Deep Throat has died. Gerard Damiano passed away last week at age 80 in a hospital in Fort Myers, Florida, after suffering a stroke in September. His groundbreaking 1972 film, which starred Linda Lovelace and Harry Reems, made history as the first porn movie to go mainstream and earned an estimated $600 million. Lovelace, who died in 2002, was recently the subject of a musical in Los Angeles.…Porn veteran Will Clark wants you to jerk off, or at least tell him your hottest j/o stories in the comments section at his site, Share by Wednesday, November 5, and then Will will write a steamy blog entry describing his own favorite beat-off session. “After all this election and economy mania,” Clark says, “I can’t think of anything the country needs more than to shoot a big, fat, white globby load to relieve the pressure.”

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Sam Page said...

We may have lost Prop. 8 in California, but I view it as a setback -- not a defeat. Thanks for the shout, Vincent. It ain't over yet!

Peace, Love, Lunges