October 31, 2008

Movie Review: Big Dick Society


Director: Chris Steele.
Cast: Darren Rodman, Sebastian Young, Barrett Long, Trevor Knight, Antonio Madiera, Cam Kurtz, Cort Donovan, Jonathan Lowe, Chad Hunt, Jason White, Tommy DeLuca.

A gifted cast helps director Chris Steele’s Big Dick Society live up to its title. In the opening scene, Trevor Knight is working on a new contraption called the Size-O-Matic that measures a guy’s dick when he places it through the glory hole. If it meets Knight’s specifications, a green light flashes and the stud is deemed worthy of his elite club. While Knight runs out to do errands, good buddy Cort Donovan decides to try out the machine with Cam Kurtz, who must have passed the test because Donovan sucks him through the hole before banging him. But this is only the beginning of the well-endowed guys who show up. Knight soon has a bevy of big dicks in his living room, ready to measure up and pair off.

Antonio Madiera and Tommy DeLuca are the first to separate from the group for a nice flip-flop fuck. Madiera isn’t especially hung, but his big balls make up for it. DeLuca is no slouch in the size department, but he also works hard here, tongue-fucking Madiera before giving him a good pounding. The dicks keep growing as superstar Chad Hunt delivers his massive meat to twink Jonathan Lowe, who eagerly chows down on Hunt’s amazing piece. Sure, the newbie gags, but who wouldn’t? Hunt eats and preps Lowe’s sweet ass before giving it a no-mercy fuck. Next, big Barrett Long takes on Jason White, who is coached to “breathe” by the hung stud with stunning low-hangers. There’s a great shot of Long stretching White’s mouth with his fingers so he can take every inch of manmeat. Long does the same to White’s butthole.

Knight finally gets to enjoy the fruits of his labor when cover model Darren Rodman and his friend Sebastian Young scam their way into the party by offering up Young’s virgin ass. This scene has been hyped as the bottoming debut of Jet Set exclusive Young, and while he does manage to take all of Knight, he doesn’t exactly look thrilled to be doing so. He actually does better as top man to Rodman. In the end, the oversize cast shows what it means to be blessed with a large member—and to know how to use it, too. Picture quality is good, and the extras include a fun cameo by veteran star Chad Donovan (owner of another big dick!) as a crotchety old neighbor. (Jet Set Men)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

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Cock Addict said...

every dvd where i can see antonio madiera's hot ass being ploughed is a must have for me. He's still one of the very best, involved actors around.