October 24, 2008

Movie Review: No Rest in This Room


Director: Alexander.
Cast: Miguel Torres, Cristo Torres, Hernan Medina, Daniel Trejo, Omar Juarez, Esteban Mendoza, Miguel Montalvo, Victor Jimenez, Christian Duarte, Tommy Lima, Niko Tomiar, Manuel Lozano, Gregorio Guerrero, Pedro Pineda.

The sexy foreign men of No Rest in This Room certainly know how to make the most of the secluded mall bathroom they frequent. There is tons of hot cruising and action going on, which newbie Hernan Medina soon discovers when he takes a break from some shopping to enter the tea room with his just purchased dildo and porn mags. The brazen cutie strips down and begins prodding himself when two security guards (Miguel Torres and Cristo Torres) show up and decide to help him. Miguel has a great hairy body and big uncut cock, and he handcuffs Medina and uses his nightstick to get him ready for it. He also tops coworker Cristo before creaming on Medina’s sweet face.

The guards leave but Medina hangs out in a stall until another couple shows up and starts to play. A janitor in a hideous orange jumpsuit (Victor Jimenez) sweeps in and fucks both of them. In an interesting effect, they all jack onto a clear glass pane and we see it from below. Medina still hasn’t gotten his fill, so he watches as hot-bodied Omar Juarez comes in to tinkle and winds up screwing another twink, after eating his butt in extreme close-up. These two unload on the counter, creating more work for that horny janitor! Bearded Manuel Lozano hooks up with big-titted Gregorio Guerrero, taking his cum on his ass, then he moves on to Pedro Pineda, who covers his facial fur with jizz. At this point, Medina dresses and leaves the restroom one happy man—and he even remembers to wash his hands!

The picture quality is good—although some of the camera work is shaky—but the sound seems to drop out at several points, and because there is no music, the scenes have a certain lifeless quality to them regardless of the action we are seeing. But that’s no reason to flush this entertaining foreign fare. (Alexander Pictures)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

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shouldn't the hero of his dvd be tomy lima??? No word about him?