October 10, 2008

Movie Review: Overtime


Director: Jett Blakk.
Cast: Erik Rhodes, Roman Heart, Cal Skye, Trevor Knight, Kyle Pierce, Tory Mason, Hayden Stephens, Koen Bradshaw.

It’s just another day at the office for the sexy men of Falcon Studios’ Overtime, only without all the boring parts and lots of sucking and fucking instead. A bleached blond Roman Heart sends assistant Koen Bradshaw to the supply room for some paper clips but ends up giving him a killer knob job. These two had great energy, and Heart tops in a couple of positions—and both models keep their black shoes and knee socks on the whole time! Cover model Tory Mason (looking vaguely orange) is having trouble with the copy machine, so gorgeous newcomer Hayden Stephens (top photo) pounds his pert posterior to make up for his trouble. Stephens has a meaty ass himself, not to mention a hot bod and a huge cock—and he repairs machinery, too. What else do you need?

Big-dicked Trevor Knight is a doctor on the job who can’t help being attracted to balding patient Kyle Pierce. This is one rectal exam that goes a bit too far (Knight has an amazingly long tongue!), until doc and patient are performing some inspired 69 action and Knight hops on the table to bang. Pierce rides his face and then his cock. In the end, Knight gets his sperm sample. And once again, the black socks stay on. Is this a new fashion trend? Beefy Erik Rhodes is at his desk, jacking to the Falcon Web site when he decides to pounce on assistant Cal Skye. First, Rhodes licks his sweet pink hole in close-up, then he rams it. Skye gets loud, especially when a daddyish Rhodes fucks his cute face. After some more pounding, a red-faced Rhodes unloads on Skye’s boyish mug—and so ends another day on the job. Videography and picture quality are good, and Overtime comes in at a tight 90 minutes, perfect for viewing over a long lunch hour. Bon appétit. (Falcon Studios)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

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