October 1, 2008

Seen: Chi Chi and Big Bro 10 Cast at Wrap Party

Besides being a drag queen and porn mogul, Chi Chi LaRue is the out-loud-and-proud No. 1 fan (besides us!) of CBS’s hit summer reality series Big Brother. The show just finished its 10th cycle, and the directix once again finagled her way onto the CBS lot for the wrap party and met up with winner Dan (above), the cute school teacher who never stopped strategizing. LaRue also held an afterparty at the Abbey in West Hollywood, where porn stars (including Johnny Hazzard, Blake Riley and Steve Cruz) mingled with reality stars. Seen (below): LaRue with bodybuilder Jessie (the most hated houseguest of the season who Chi Chi said was actually very nice and showed up with his girlfriend); gay cowboy Steven; adorable Renny, the dawlin’ from New Orleans; this year’s blonde, Keesha; and Hazzard, Riley and Cruz (with former contestant Marcellas looking on). Now what’s this we hear about Steven hooking up with Hazzard and Cruz? Who said reality bites?


Anonymous said...

oh god, doesn't cruz have another way of attracting attention then the eternal tongue out thing?
blake is the cutest and rightly so in the middle

Unknown said...

lmao @ the black guy in the last pic.