October 30, 2008

Press: Freshmen November Issue on Stands

It’s a twinkfest as usual in the November issue of Freshmen. Jet Set exclusive (and MTV wannabe) Aaron James and hottie Max Schutler are featured inside, but it’s supercute Kirk Cummings who makes the cover. The 21-year-old Denver native shares how he jacks twice a day every day. Kirk was pursuing a music career when he happened into the jizz biz. “Porn pays a lot of money for the little amount of time you work,” he says, “and I need a lot of free time to work on my album.” Who knows? Maybe when he’s not pulling his pud the guy can carry a tune!

Also in the issue is Vincent Lambert’s review of Jocks/Falcon Studio’s Snow Trip Vol. 5: Big Bear, in which attractive models frolic in the great outdoors, doing manly stuff like skiing, sledding and having snowball fights. But the real fun begins when this horny crew gets back to the secluded cabin and gets intimate by the fireplace. Here’s an excerpt:

Zane Jacobs and Shawn Romano are getting busy when a nosy cameraman sneaks into their room to capture the action. They act all shy and demure at the start but end up trading oral and getting into some intense ass play. Shawn does most of the work as he licks and fingers Zane’s willing hole and prods him with a dildo. This seems to do the trick as Zane spews soon after, leaving Shawn to hit the slopes with full nuts. That’s cold!

To read the full review, get the November issue of Freshmen.

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