October 20, 2008

Short Takes: Mavericks for Real…and More

Hot on the heels of The Village Voice’s spot-on cover proclaiming “Mavericks, My Ass,” Studio 2000 is jumping on the political bandwagon by offering a special on two of its Mavericks movies. From now until Election Day, both classic films Mavericks and Mavericks 2, starring Logan Reed and Blake Harper, are available for just $29.95. Well, golly-gee dang it, that’s a bargain! For more information, visit www.studio2000video.com.…Athletic Model Guild has announced the launch of AMG Podcast, which is available in iTunes by searching “Athletic Model Guild” and “AMG Brasil.” The podcasts will feature trailers, teasers, exclusive on-set footage and other short-format video content, including interviews from the company’s upcoming release, Rio. “It’s a movie unlike any other ever produced by AMG,” says promotions manager Christopher Trout, “and we figured this was the perfect opportunity to prove that just because we’re an old studio doesn’t mean we can’t learn new tricks.”…Lucas Entertainment has wrapped production of its big holiday release, Return to Fire Island Parts I & II. Filming took place entirely in the Cherry Grove section of Fire Island at the historic Belvedere Hotel. “This was the perfect backdrop for our elegant and steamy sex romp,” co-director Mr. Pam says. New groom Michael Lucas (below) adds, “This is our return to Fire Island, but we had such a great time it’s as if we never left.” The films feature Ben Andrews, Wilfried Knight, Rafael Alencar, Rod Barry, Nick Capra, Jason Crew, Mike Dreyden and Jackson Wild.

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