October 29, 2008

Guy Candy: Kyle Bornheimer

Is it just us or is this guy hot? Kyle Bornheimer is the star of CBS’s new Monday night sitcom Worst Week. If you live in New York City, you’ve probably seen his picture plastered on subways and bus stops all over town. He is usually scantily clad in his plastic diaper (above), thanks to a plot device in the first episode. His character is a bumbling regular guy who is trying to win over his future in-laws, and he’s been shirtless in a couple of episodes so far, which is not a bad thing—if you ask us anyway. Kyle has a nice beefy bod, plus he’s funny and cute. And look at that sexy hairy chest (not to mention the breast pumps. Kinky!). Readers, you say? Should this post really be a Should Do Porn item?

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