August 28, 2009

Movie Review: Derec’s Dilemma


Director: Edward James.
Cast: Derec Stone, Ty Colt, Marcus Steel, Cody Summers, Travis Hardman, Gabe Tyner.

Derec’s Dilemma ain’t exactly Sophie’s Choice. Muscle hunk Derec Stone’s big decision in this film from director Edward James centers around who he’s gonna screw at his bachelor party. Will it be the skanky stripper hired by best man Ty Colt? Or, when she won’t put out for the agreed-upon fee, will it be his accommodating bud Gabe Tyner? But before the groom gets to have his fun, his friends prep for the big night. Tyner and Cody Summers blow up balloons while Colt goes on a beer run, but soon both men are blowing straight guy Ty. Gabe sucks him in the kitchen, which leads to a dull, by-the-numbers fuck. Summers gets his fill of Colt cock in the bathroom, and does a much better job on the bottom. He moans appreciatively while riding cowboy style, and he also takes a nice cum facial.

Later, at the party, Southern stud Marcus Steel gets horned up by all the action that Stone has been promised, so Summers helps by sucking him and husky Travis Hardman, too. Cody bends over for Travis and takes more jizz from both. The final scene has Stone and his guests screening a porn movie, which inspires Summers to suck and bottom once again—after the other guys politely excuse themselves so the groom can get his nut.

The lame dialogue seems mostly improvised, and the party sequence, in which each guest toasts Derec, goes on longer than Benjamin Button. But Stone and Colt have gorgeous bodies (and both have been snatched up for exclusive contracts with Jet Set Men and Falcon Studios, respectively, since this film was shot), and if they’re not the greatest performers yet, those well-muscled physiques go a long way. Extras include behind-the-scenes footage in which Colt gives a shout-out to his girlfriend. So much for typecasting. (Edward James Productions/Pure Play Media)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2009)

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