August 21, 2009

Movie Review: Straight Studs Stroking


Director: David Daju.
Cast: Vin Sin, Scorpio, Kyle Stone, Jamie Blue, Jay Walker, Brandon Lakes, Jake Wolfe, Johnnie Carvajal, Peter Michaels.

All nine models in Straight Studs Stroking make a point of saying just how straight they are, but since when do heterosexuals tweeze their eyebrows, dye their hair and shave off their pubes? No matter, at least most of the guys here fulfill the “stud” part of the title. Cleverly named Vin Sin (or he seems to think so anyway) has a smooth, taut physique that the camera lovingly lingers over, giving viewers plenty of time to admire it—and perhaps take their attention away from his weird greasy hair. Scorpio is a scrawny Latino who thinks he’s God’s gift to women. Too bad this is gay porn. Next, Jamie Blue does a cheesy striptease that might pass at a Chippendale’s audition but is less than a turn-on here. The rest of the crew pretty much performs standard jack-off scenes, with the exception of sexy real-guy Brandon Lakes (below), who has a natural furry body, pierced nips and leaks tons of pre-cum, showing just how excited he is to be filming his standout solo. Model Johnnie Carvajal is more, er, mature than the others, but he is also hung big and delivers a violent orgasm for the camera. Chicago-based Corkscrew Media Group and director David Daju seem committed to producing quality porn, but these Studs, regardless of their sexual orientation, can only take them so far. (Corkscrew Media Group)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2009)

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