September 25, 2009

Movie Review: Countryside


Director: Richie Oldmann.
Cast: Nick Daniels, Thomas Dexter, Paul Dubliner, Simon Dusek, Michael Getlin, Jakub Kostas, Chris Kral, Dion Philips.

The foreign cuties are back, and they’re wandering around in the woods in Countryside. The TitanMen Fresh line has found another idyllic location in Prague and brought together its latest finds to frolic in the great outdoors. Michael Getlin and Jakub Kostes are out for a stroll when they happen upon Chris Khal raking in the garden. He soon puts aside his work to have a steamy threeway in the lovely locale. There is lighthearted sucking and pop shots all around before the guys retire indoors for some serious fucking. All three models are young, smooth and uncut. And their passion for one another only intensifies as both Kostes and Khal top Getlin, who purrs like a kitten when they spew on him—or is that the fake dubbed moaning we always find so offensive? Probably the latter! Scene two has more moaning, but it also has adorable Nick Daniels and Dion Philips making out under a tree. These two also work the oral in the shade then move inside for a sweet fireside fuck. They go at it for so long that by the time they’re done, the fire has gone out!

Next, Thomas Dexter and Paul Dubliner are joined in the yard by Simon Dusek, and they all get busy blowing one another. But when Dexter drops his pants, Countryside has found its true star! Dexter is boyish, lean and lithe, but he’s got the cock of several full-grown men! Hung far and wide, he steals the show—and that’s in spite of his badly dyed blond hair. Somehow young Dubliner manages to bottom for Dexter then Dusek (also the victim of a funky dye job), and he seems to be in his glory receiving the loads at the end of this highly charged scene. It’s a fitting end for a movie short on dialogue (no subtitles) and plot but long on rustic charm and scenic beauty. (Titan Media/TitanMen Fresh)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2009)


Ronnie Larsen and Sally said...

Thanks for writing about my latest movie. I spent two weeks at the gym getting ready for it and I think I look pretty good!

I love you, Vince!

I hope cybersocket appreciates your genius!

ricci said...

the boy on the cover is a stupendus good-looking hot dedicated performer, he always delivers indeed, drool........