September 28, 2009

Short Takes: Tom of Finland Contest…and More

We’re gonna get all arty on your asses to start the week. The Tom of Finland Foundation has announced the 2009 Emerging Erotic Artist Contest, which encourages artists to share their erotic work and elevates the field of erotic art by rewarding some of the best examples. The competition hopes to nurture developing artists, and many of today’s popular erotic artists got their start by submitting work to the contest. (One of the winning works from the 2005 competition, Rodrigo Zuniga’s Boys at Play oil painting, is pictured above.) There are four categories for entry, and three prizes for each category. The grand prize is an original work by famed artist Tom of Finland. For more info, visit…Titan Media has gone green. The studio wrote last week to say that in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, it would no longer be shipping hard product DVD or Blu-ray copies to reviewers. Instead, it will give them access to new releases online, which will cut down on shipments and materials. Titan has also recently installed a 13-kilowatt solar panel on its building in San Francisco, so it is now the world’s only solar-powered gay adult company. In addition, more than half its staff utilizes a company-paid stipend to take public transportation to get to work, helping to cut back on carbon emissions. Hmmm, wonder whether director Tony Buff took the bus to the set of his new film in Titan’s Rough line, Bound and Beaten.…Porn star Tré Xavier (below) has made it official and announced his retirement. The outspoken and often controversial blogger writes, “I have often said how easy it should be to bow out of this industry because ‘it’s only porn,’ and now I am practicing what I preach.” Xavier, who broke into the business after winning Will Clark’s now-defunct Porn Idol competition, made numerous movies, including All Out Assault. He has been vocal about racism in gay porn and poor treatment of models by agents and studios. “Looking at the porn industry as a whole,” Xavier says, “I realized the undeniable fact that…the American gay porn industry is eroding, and I am getting out before it erodes me with it.” He adds that he has been working on several project that will put him in front of the camera in a more mainstream way. Xavier will continue sharing his uncensored views on his blog. For more, visit


Frederic said...

i'll miss trey he was a gorgeous dedicated bottom hottie and i wish him the best of luck in his new life yet i will miss that hot ass of his

Ass Freak said...

yeah a hot bottom 'bitch' he was, come back to porn tre u were stupendous in several of ur fuck fests