September 17, 2009

Press: Unzipped October Issue Preview

The October issue of Unzipped magazine has hit the streets and it’s a theme issue, kids! Loves it! The Recession Issue features sexy Men at Play model Miro (aka Patrik) on the cover and inside shares numerous money-saving tips (kink on a budget! homemade sex toys!). Award-winning director Tony Dimarco is also interviewed and talks about how making “cinematic” porn is one of his primary goals. Plus there’s a review by Vincent Lambert of Tony’s latest hit film for Raging Stallion, Menace. Here’s an excerpt:

Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond (below) start the action with an intense makeout session. The real-life couple perches atop a massive stereo speaker as they swap spit. They begin working up a sweat with their hot kissing, then Steve gets into a major groove while eating Bruno’s hairy pit. Bruno claws at Steve’s green gym shorts, exposing the jockstrap underneath, along with the tight hairy hole it clings to. Once the shorts go flying, Steve fucks Bruno’s stubbly face, gyrating provocatively before he returns the favor by slobbering all over Bruno’s crotch and knob. As the guys move on to the penetration portion of the scene, Steve rides Bruno with ease, moaning as Bruno’s thick cock pistons in and out of his ass, his heavy balls flopping with the movement. Then, without missing a beat, Bruno pulls out, spreads his own cheeks and mounts Steve for a stunning flip-flop. Then he switches back to being a top. Versatility rules! Steve is doing the fucking when Bruno jizzes all over his own fur, then Steve empties all over his lover’s chest. (In DVD extra interviews, the sexy duo talks about how they met online and reveal that this scene is the first time they “went all the way.” Don’t you just love exhibitionists?)

To read the full review, pick up the October issue of Unzipped.

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