September 22, 2009

News: Jet Set Men Signs Hayden Stephens

Jet Set Men has announced the signing of Hayden Stephens to an exclusive contract. The 24-year-old stud recently completed a string of successful appearances on Jet Set’s Straight Edge Web site, including one in which he tops superstar Dean Phoenix (something that has happened only once before on-screen). Stephens, who first caught our eye a year ago in Falcon Studios’ Overtime, has worked for several porn studios under at least one other name before hooking up with Jet Set to film online content. Next he will star in the upcoming film CarJackers, co-directed by Chris Steele and John Tegan, in a duo with Landon Mycles. Stephens’ Web scenes are also available on the newly released Straight Edge, Volume Three. “Hayden is the real deal,” says Jet Set head honcho Steele. “He’s got a big, thick cock and he rams it home on command, and then rolls over and takes an equally big cock in his ass with no problem.” Which is a good quality for a porn star to have! CarJackers will be released next month. For more information, visit

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