March 23, 2010

Event: 2010 International Escort Awards


The Fourth-Annual 2010 International Escort Awards came to town last Friday, bringing with it a veritable “Who’s That?” of NYC nightlife (we stole that line from Sirius Radio’s Derek Hartley, who uttered it while a wholly disinterested audience ignored his presentation. Hey, it wasn’t his fault. He just happened to be surrounded by a bunch of hookers!). Club Rebel was the sweaty setting for this year’s Hookies, where porn star Mike Dreyden and public-access goddess Robin Byrd hosted the red carpet and interviewed the likes of Michael Musto (who recently celebrated his 25th year with The Village Voice), David Forest (who flew in from Los Angeles for his Best Agency nomination but left empty-handed, especially considering that he had dumped shady—and possibly stinky—model Jason Crystal from his roster earlier in the day) and Diesel Washington (who later won for Best Blogger). Onstage, show host Raven O performed a couple of songs and was assisted by drag diva Sherry Vine in handing out 14 trophies (which looked a lot like an ashtray from where we were sitting).

Some highlights from the ceremony included: Rafael Alencar and Junior Stellano tying for Best Porn Star Escort (both missed the category and gave their acceptance speech later in the show); Arpad Miklos taking Best Top; Alex Baresi and Tory Mason sharing Best Ass (although only Alex was there to flash his); and Barrett Long winning for Best Cock (no shocker there) but declining to show it, instead referring interested parties to his Rentboy ad. Smart! Superstar Michael Lucas strolled onstage to present and accept Best Duo for the Mangiatti Twins (who worked for him in this movie), and porn vet Chase Hunter took home the Best Daddy award. But the night’s highest honor went to a big hairy dude named Gio, who was awarded both Best International Escort and Best Boyfriend Fantasy (Huh? What’s that? We’ve never had one of those!). He graciously thanked his clients and Rentboy and then encouraged the audience to go out and fuck!  

Seen (from top): Tuxedoed Hookies poster child David Forest; Robin Byrd and Mike Dreyden grill winner Diesel Washington; nominee Jason Pitt; winner Rafael Alencar and Lucas Entertainment director Mr. Pam; Jay Black (who tells us he’s planning a comeback) and Dreyden; Byrd with artist and porn star Spike; and former Mr. HX and current hot bartender Doug Repetti. Also seen: Will Clark; VidioView writer Mark Adams and photographer Wesley; director Kevin Clarke; a suddenly single Brandon Baker; Tommy Defendi; Drew Cutler; Vin NolanMark Nelson; Ricardo from Chelsea Guys; Shelly Byrd; Bambi Sue and Killer; Marc Berkley; and assorted other “Who’s That?” types.


Elizabeth Young, AKA The Gore Hound, or Elspeth Chagall said...

Great pics! Glad that you had a good time. Bars and large crowds just aren't my thing. Seeing as I'm afraid of crowds anyway...not to the point where I curl up in the fetal position and start crying like a pathetic rubber room inmate. No, I just would feel too boxed in, start to hyperventilate and then would have to leave. But maybe in this case, I'd have to make an exception, where me hyperventilating would be a good thing...a really good thing! ;-)

hayden said...

Loving the photos!
David Forrest kills me in his white tuxedo, as if he's at the 1984 Academy Awards or something. xH

Diesel Washington said...

Hey Homie,

Was good to see you at Hookies, that place was packed!!! Anyway giving you a big shout out!!!