March 18, 2010

Movie Review: Boys of Buenos Aires


Director: Chad Donovan.
Cast: Max Schutler, Robinho DeSilva, Bruno, Andreas, Juan Pablo, Valentino, Daxel, Ulises.

It’s back to the streets of Argentina for director Chad Donovan and Jet Set’s Latin Heat Productions. Once again, cutie Max Schulter (is he in every movie shot there?) and his buddies show each other a good time in Boys of Buenos Aires. First, he and tattooed hunk Robinho DeSilva get nasty in the kitchen. They kiss and suck and DeSilva delivers some robotic topping, but the intense extreme close-ups of poles in holes saves the day—almost. Next, one-named wonders Bruno and Andreas makeout on the couch before stripping out of their jeans. This scene is short on oral but long on Andreas pounding the hell out of Bruno. So who’s complaining? Juan Pablo and Valentino are young and cute, but Pablo fucks like a straight guy and makes bottom boy Valentino do all the heavy lifting here. Daxel and Ulises are also easy on the eyes, but they lack chemistry and also endure some stark lighting that is less than flattering. Overall, the scenery is nice but some sort of plot or context might have helped the aimless sex. Back to the streets, guys! (Jet Set Men/Latin Heat Productions)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2009)

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