March 9, 2010

Video Game: The Bachelor

Anyone who follows us on Twitter (@VinceLambertNYC) knows that we’re mildly obsessed with The Bachelor. This ABC show usually hits rock-bottom somewhere around midseason then comes back with a strong finish (and sometimes a marriage proposal—or two). The season that just wrapped (its 14th!) featured hunky Jake Pavelka, who never missed an opportunity to take off his shirt to display his perfect torso (see below). Well, it looks like we’re not the only fans of this fake reality show because Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced the release of The Bachelor: The Videogame, which will be available this summer on both Nintendo Wii and DS. Unfortunately, bachelor Jake isn’t featured. Instead we’re stuck with last season’s lowlife Jason Mesnick (if you didn’t watch, then you have no idea what an incredible jerk this guy is!). Yes, he’s the same despicable dickwad who married second choice Molly Malaney on TV last night (ABC paid for the event and gave them both a salary. Sounds like they deserve each other!). That’s a computerized version of him in all his douchey glory above.

In The Bachelor: The Videogame, players compete for the heart of Mesnick or one of the other Bachelors and Bachelorettes from past seasons. They can choose from a selection of avatars that best suits their personality. In single player mode, the game is structured like the TV show. The Wii version offers multiplayer mode for a fun party game enabling players to compete against their frenemies. Both are hosted by TV version host Chris Harrison. Of course, someone gets a rose and then…actually, who gives a flying fuck!? Let’s face it, this entire post is just an excuse to run some hot shirtless pics of Jake. So, enjoy, guys. Now we can move on to our obsession with Snooki!

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Elizabeth Young, AKA The Gore Hound, or Elspeth Chagall said...

LOL!!! Oh Vince, hon, that was hilarious and it made my morning/mid-day. :-D
Hope all is well with and miss ya much!