March 26, 2010

Sneak Peek: Derrek Diamond in Tales of the Arabian Nights

More teasers from Raging Stallion Studios upcoming epic Tales of the Arabian Nights. This sequel to the Arabesque series features 10 full-length scenes on four discs. The sexy cast of Middle Eastern studs includes some hot newcomers, such as Aybars, in addition to superstars Wilfred Knight, Damien Crosse, Francesco D’Macho, Steve Cruz, Austin Wilde, Antonio Biaggi and Angelo Marconi.

Derrek Diamond (above) also stars in the film. He’s the most recent Raging Stallion Studios contract player. RSS recently sat down for a chat with the handsome and hung porn star. Here’s an excerpt:

What is it like to be a gay porn superstar?
It’s funny cause I don’t think it’s even fully hit me yet. I feel like just recently I’ve started to realize how many people actually do recognize me when I’m out, so it’s slowly setting in. You’d think by now I would have realized that, but in reality I have a pretty normal life really and this is just one aspect of it.

When did you start thinking about doing porn? Were you a porn fan?
I guess I used to fantasize about doing porn when I was a teenager but never really thought I’d ever pursue it. I have always been into porn though, so it’s probably not that weird that I’m involved in the industry now. I love being an exhibitionist, so I’m not surprised in that sense, that’s for sure. I’m a total hornball is probably all I need to say, cause that explains a lot!

Did you always know you had a big dick?
As for my cock, it’s funny cause I just thought they all looked the same when I was younger, so I guess it wasn’t till just recently that I actually realized I had a big dick. I was only with one guy before I started doing porn, so that was the only other dick I really saw besides mine. It’s actually pretty crazy how different they all are now that I’ve had the chance to see a few more.

You have a scene with a porn newcomer Ricky Martinez (below) in Tales of the Arabian Nights. How was it working with a first-time porn star?
I think it went pretty well. He’s definitely a beautiful guy, plus we filmed our scene outside at night in a courtyard while it was raining, and it really doesn’t get sexier then that. Also, that is the scene that got me noticed by RSS and brought upon the exclusive offer, so I could definitely say that that scene was an important point in my career as well.

What kind of guy are you attracted to?
I’m not sure I have a type really. I do tend to usually like hairy older guys and dare I say jocks? I just want my man to be intelligent, confident and inspire me to be a better man too.

He looks pretty good to us! Tales of the Arabian Nights will be available soon, but you can reserve your copy now. To preorder, visit

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Elizabeth Young, AKA The Gore Hound, or Elspeth Chagall said...

OMG! The man is a dream and I can't wait to see he and Ricky's scene together. Puuurrrr! ;-) So glad RSS decided he was a keeper.