March 2, 2010

News: Johan Volny Directs First Movie

Porn star Johan Volny, who started his own Web site last year, has now increased his skill set by serving as producer and director of a new film. After appearing in more than 50 movies, the Czech model is now releasing Exposed, in which he brings together his best friends from his hometown (and he bottoms too, an on-screen rarity).

“It’s an important step toward my future,” Volny says. “Finally I can realize my biggest dreams, with porn work both in front of and behind the camera. Both on my site and in my DVDs, I always try to show the feelings and affections between the models. I want to demonstrate just how much they really enjoy hard sex together, and as such make every effort not to just show fast, unimaginative sex, which, to be honest, can be really quite boring.”

Tell us about it, Johan! Anyway, backstage reports, photo series and some selected scenes from Exposed are already available on Volny’s site and the full movie will be available for prerelease streaming at Homoactive.TV.

“I’m proud of my work,” Volny adds, “of all the things that I have achieved in the six years I’ve been in this business. I’m also very happy about all the many photos that have appeared of me in magazines, which I try to collect. In years to come, as an old man, I shall be able to look at these hundreds of images and will appreciate everything that I’m now doing.”

And we will too!

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