March 26, 2010

Event: Tom of Finland Art Fair in L.A.

The Tom of Finland Foundation kicks off its annual Art Fair (the 15th!) this weekend in Los Angeles. As always, artists from around the world will gather to show a variety of work, including sculpture, photography, paintings, sketches, digital renderings and more. Tonight, the Southland Honors 2010 Awards get things started at the Henry David Hwang Theatre, where the leather community recognizes those who have been of service. Then on Saturday and Sunday, it’s time for the Art Fair at West Hollywood Park (647 N. San Vicente Boulevard), where there will be life drawing and photography. Admission is $10 (good for both days). So get out there, gays, and support the gay arts! For more information, visit


Elizabeth Young, AKA The Gore Hound, or Elspeth Chagall said...

This sounds awesome and it really makes me wish I was in Cali right now! I'm looking forward to the events in Philly this summer. Pride week is I think the first week in June or July (memory's faulty right now...not enough coffee *wink) and then there is Qfest, the LGBT film festival here in Philly. THIS one I'm looking forward to. It will be my first one and seeing as I'll have the time, I want to cover it on my blog. :-)

gpcrush said...

I got some amazing stuff from the fair! It was very, very cool!