October 3, 2007

News: Beach House Diaries Hits VOD

Men of Odyssey announced that its first new release in more than five years, Jim Steel’s Beach House Diaries, is now available in VOD and PPV from its own site, www.menofogv.com. “In this new market, VOD and downloading have become as common as rentals became in the ’80s,” says Bob East of Odyssey. “We were advised to hold off a while to put this on the Web because it is thought it would hurt sales of the title. But we have had so many inquiries about VOD that we figured to give it a try on our own site.” The site is connected to www.sunshinedvd.com, which contains many of the older Men of Odyssey titles as well as those of other lines. “Sunshine has a state-of-the-art delivery system and will enable the consumer to have the best possible experience for their equipment type through its options,” East adds. “We have had a terrific response to the movie, and the reviews have been great. We couldn’t have asked for more from our first new release in some time.” Beach House Diaries stars Brad Benton, Tory Mason, Jesse Santana, Barrett Long and Brant Moore and is available now. For more information, visit www.menofogv.com.

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