October 2, 2007

Press: HX Magazine

Our old friends at HX Magazine have picked VincentLambert.com as the Site of the Week this week. Here’s what the lovely and talented Mark Peikert wrote:

Sure, there are plenty of sites out there that cover porn, but the in-depth ones are far more interesting than ones you click on and get off. At VincentLambert.com, not only are you kept informed about new releases, Lambert (who has covered the porn industry for a decade) also does interviews and covers parties, like the release of Michael Lucas’s The Intern earlier this month. A few clicks a week, and you’ll be able to impress your friends with your wide breadth of prurient knowledge.

Thanks, Mark! Thanks, HX!

Be sure to pick up a copy today, and for more on gay nightlife and culture in New York City, visit www.hx.com.

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