October 3, 2007

News: Michael Lucas NOT Dead…

…but he sure makes a good-looking corpse. In a bizarre promotional stunt for the new movie Gigilo, now filming, a press release was sent out today announcing that the controversial director and president/CEO of Lucas Entertainment was found dead in his New York City apartment last night. The above photo was also included, supposedly of the “crime scene” released by “authorities.”

In an exclusive interview with VincentLambert.com, Lucas confirmed that the e-mail was indeed a hoax put out by his company and that he is very much alive. “Darling, I get murdered in my new movie,” he said. “It was just for promotion.” The Russian porn superstar seemed surprised that anyone would take the news seriously. “The picture has the Lucas logo on it!” When asked how shooting was going on the new production, Lucas said, “It is long and hard, but the movie will be fabulous.” Gigilo will be released later this year.

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