April 9, 2009

Movie Review: Men Hard at Work, Volume 2


Jim Steel.
Cast: Rod Daily, Jason Talon, Dempsey Stearns, Jude Collin, Cort Donovan, Nickolas Lockwood, Kevin Gotti, Wolf Hudson, Antonio Madiera, JT Ross, Lucas Knowles.

The cast of Men Hard at Work certainly know how to make the best of another ho-hum day at the office. In five sexy scenes, a bunch of studs, handsomely attired in shirts and ties, get nasty on their desks and in the lunchroom. Klutzy Dempsey Stearns gets the fun started by spilling coffee on hot boss Jude Collin—must be all that shaggy hair in his eyes! Collin takes it well, especially when Stearns starts dabbing at his crotch. This leads to some intense deep-throating by Stearns and some even deeper topping by Collin, who wears a grin throughout. Nice work if you can get it! Cuties Rod Daily and Jason Talon meet at lunchtime and bemoan their lack of time off, so they decide to use their break by going at it right there on the table. Talon munches on Daily’s smooth butt before topping it. Cort Donovan and Nickolas Lockwood also find fun things to do in their cubicles besides filing. After some solid 69 action at their desks, Donovan fingers and fucks Lockwood, who moans, grits his teeth and maintains a dreamy faraway look in his eyes as he takes it all in. Donovan’s dramatic orgasm is a highlight here.

Kevin Gotti and Wolf Hudson do a run-of-the-mill mailboy scenario, but the final scene, in which Antonio Madiera and JT Ross cruise deliveryman Lucas Knowles, is the real standout. It starts with some innocent flirting, which leads to Madiera sucking both guys and taking their cocks in his sweet mouth. This double dicking incites such a strong reaction from Madiera—moaning, whimpering, cursing, crying, spitting, you name it—that by the time the fucking begins, viewers will be as primed as Antonio. And he doesn’t disappoint as a bottom either, screaming so loud that at one point Knowles sticks his cock in Madiera’s mouth just to shut him up! Production values are average, but this threeway will make you want to do some overtime with your DVD player. (Suite 703)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)


ricci said...

oh, i'l ge tit if only for madiera, that bottom prince is one of the most unbderrated dedicated and involved porn actors, in his case really pornSTAR, tnxs for the tip

Ass Freak said...

I'll join the prod-madiera comment, he shuld return to porn more frequently

Will Clark said...

I'll second the Madiera-fans.... great bod, great butt and a great guy too.... there's a reason he's been around for must be going on ten years now! :)

German Sausage said...

ditto, antonio madiera is indeed a porn wonder, why don't we ge tmore of these guys instead of all that crap-meat we're being served lately?