April 21, 2009

News: David Forest Announces New Column

Everybody wants to write about gay porn gossip these days! Veteran talent manager (now retired) David Forest is throwing his hat in the crowded ring with the Sunday Serenade, a new weekly Web column. “I couldn’t sit back any longer,” says Forest, who dropped out after a stint in rehab last year. Now at age 60, he runs the ForestMeetings service but finds himself with enough free time to share his personal news and views on the porn biz. “I’ll draw on my 40-plus years of relationships and experience in both mainstream and adult entertainment show business to offer up a fun, critical (sometimes cynical) weekly column,” Forest says. Hmmm, maybe that means he’ll share some of those great Stevie Nicks war stories from the ’70s. To read Forest’s musings, visit www.forestmeetings.com.

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