April 30, 2009

Web Watch: Bros TJ and Joner Jack With a Twist

Has the whole brothers-doing-it-next-to-each-other craze jumped the shark? With a rash of new scenes from Bobby and Seth Clark and these pairs of Fratmen (and don’t forget these two, not to mention the triplets), it’s certainly starting to look that way. But the guys over at straightfraternity.com have come up with a new way to keep it fresh. Somehow, somewhere, they found a pair of smooth bros who just happen to be deaf. So before TJ and Joner get down to pumping, they use sign language to chat about who has the bigger dick and how hot they are for chicks. Well, they are attractive in an odd, trailer-park kinda way—and it is definitely different. Guess Sondheim was right: You gotta have a gimmick! For more information, visit www.straightfraternity.com.

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