April 20, 2009

Short Takes: Robbie Angel Is Back…and More

Another day, another porn star comeback. Last week, it was Jason Adonis, now former Channel 1 Releasing exclusive Robbie Angel is returning to the jizz biz and has signed with Jason Sechrest’s new DV8 Casting management firm for all print, video, online and live appearance bookings. Now 26, Angel appeared in just three movies (Starting Young, Little Big League and In the Can) when he was 19 before taking a powder. Guess he needs to buy a new couch!…When Phil ST John was inducted into the GAYVN Hall of Fame last month, he was seen in San Francisco with a camera crew in tow. Now we know that the famed director was filming what he is calling a “mock-u-doc-u-cock-u-mentary.” This will be a feature-length film that pokes fun at his oversize persona and celebrates his long porn career, including how he basically invented the double-penetration scene with Below the Belt in the ’80s and created the skateboard punk genre in the late ’90s. And Pacific Sun Entertainment is saying that ST John’s next project for the company will “stretch the physical limits” of his models and that his chosen star will be taking sex “beyond the limits of nature.” Hmmm, hot monkey love!?…Jack Wrangler just left the building, now another porn legend has passed away: Behind the Green Door star Marilyn Chambers was found dead in her home last week. The cause of death was not known. Chambers’ daughter, McKenna Taylor, has announced that a public memorial service will be held in Los Angeles this Wednesday, April 22, which would have been the actress’s 57th birthday.…Old Reliable photographer David Hurles was hospitalized last October after suffering a massive stroke. Now, a group of his friends and fans have launched the Old Reliable Fund to bring his iconic photographs of California street trade (prime example below—love the plaid!) to a new audience online. Hurles, 64, was a porn pioneer in the 1970s, and artist Rex in the book Speeding called his models “the detritus of the American dream: dropouts, drug addicts, ex-cons and schemers. Hurles documented their courage and bravado.” Recently, some of his classic pictures were resurrected in The Big Penis Book. “It’s really important that we get his work back out there,” says Christopher Trout, a partner in the Old Reliable Fund. “Not only is it some of the sexiest, most confrontational work I’ve ever seen, but it also carries some significant historical weight.” The Fund will operate a blog and Web store at www.OldReliableFund.blogspot.com.

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