January 31, 2008

Movie Review: Auditions, Volume 19


Director: Michael Lucas.
Cast: Michael Lucas, Christian Cruz, Jimmy, Trent Alexander, Danny B., Brian Bodine, Blu Kennedy, Nick Rider, Jason Ridge, Manuel Torres.

The latest entry in the Auditions series finds director Michael Lucas hosting a few big-name porn stars (Jason Ridge, Manuel Torres, Blu Kennedy) and a bunch of hopeful wannabes. When he’s not skewering the newbies for plucking their eyebrows, Lucas introduces a new bedroom set for the series. (Think 1970s paneled basement, or that Calvin Klein ad campaign that got banned for looking like kiddie porn!) The latest studs-in-training go through their paces in five tight scenes. Pale redhead Kennedy provides a lovely study in contrasts with black stud Brian Bodine. By the time these two flip-flop fuck, the sweat is dripping. New lovers Danny B. and Nick Rider (together for two whole weeks!) reveal to Lucas that they met online. When Lucas discovers that Rider is a ballet dancer, he makes him do a split in the nude. New Lucas exclusive Christian Cruz (currently making a splash in the big-budget sex comedy The Intern) debuts here, sucking off a sullen Jimmy. Sure, Jimmy is hung, but would it kill him to smile? The bubbly Cruz is a workhorse, providing excellent oral and shooting with abandon. Lucas steps before the cameras for a scene with Trent Alexander, a beefy stud from Atlanta with a shy grin and a penchant for being spanked. Lucas complies, and sucks his toes, too. He also performs his infamous “helicopter” move (look it up!), which drives Alexander wild. Porn vets Jason Ridge and Manuel Torres close out the movie by interviewing each other (sans Lucas) and then performing like the pros they are. Torres shows off his great hairy chest and Ridge displays his perfect butt, which is greatly appreciated by Torres. Eventually, both shoot big loads on Ridge. The Audition films aren’t known for their high production values (Lucas saves those for a few big-budget movies per year), but the no-frills approach (harsh lighting, traffic noise in the background) only adds to the charm. Viewers will feel lucky to have wandered into this retro basement. (Lucas Entertainment)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2007)


Anonymous said...

I think ur a bit too positive for this one. The only ones who do deliver are indeed hard working christian cruz and jason ridge, even bodine fails to excite me.

jmk53 said...

It looks like it may be good because Lucas has some other porn stars helping with the auditions. I purchased one of the previous videos and wasn't happy with it. Michael supposedly interviewed the newbies as they sat on the bed, but HE did all the talking. They'd get out about half a sentence and he'd take over and finish their sentences for them. He's made some good films but is an egomaniac.

Pornus Addictus said...

oh, some of the scenes in this auditions series are really good and one can always skip the 'interview' part but many a scene is simply dreadful.