January 28, 2008

News: Vincent Lambert to Pen New XBIZ Column

VincentLambert.com site owner and operator Vincent Lambert is pleased to announce that, starting this month, he will be writing a new column for XBIZ magazine. The monthly column will be titled Dueling Divas With Spencer and Lambert and will be co-written with Jeremy Spencer, a longtime associate of Lambert’s and the new GLBT editor for XBIZ. Lambert, who has written extensively about the porn industry since 1996, has contributed to GAYVN, Unzipped and Manshots, among numerous other publications, and served as a judge for the GAYVN Awards for 10 years. Spencer worked as the gay editor for GAYVN magazine for four years and co-founded Adonis Pictures in 2004. He was also inducted to Gay Chicago’s prestigious Grabby Wall of Fame in 2005. Together, they will review new releases on a monthly basis in a freewheeling style reminiscent of renowned movie critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert.

“I’ve been reviewing movies for so long,” Lambert says, “that it will be fun and different to write with my old friend Jeremy and for us to bounce our thoughts and opinions off each other.” Spencer adds, “I’ve been wanting to do a column like this for a while, so when I landed my new position at XBIZ, it seemed like the perfect time and Vince seemed like the perfect person to write it with. So far, we’ve been all sunshine and lollipops with our reviews, but I can’t wait until we start going for each other’s jugulars!” “That’s right,” Lambert says, “readers will have to check out which of us draws first blood!”

XBIZ is a monthly magazine and daily news site that caters to the business side of the adult entertainment industry. The first installment of Dueling Divas With Spencer and Lambert will spotlight Men of Odyssey’s Beach House Diaries. Jerry Douglas’ Brotherhood will follow in February, and Jet Set Men’s Chris Steele/Chad Donovan extravaganza On Fire! will get the treatment in March.

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