January 25, 2008

Movie Review: Sleaze


Diredtor: John Bruno.
Cast: Dak Ramsey, Andrew Justice, Alexy Tyler, Justin Riddick, Derrick Hanson, Marco Paris, Marc Williams, Vin Nolan, Kamrun Assher, Ryann Wood.

Mustang Studios takes a walk on the sleazy side with its latest release. Four scenes run the gamut as an assortment of Mustang studs check into a seedy motel. Businessman Ryann Wood transforms from a suit guy to a collared leather daddy who first fucks himself with a big dildo then gets pounded by cowboy Andrew Justice. Marc Williams brings latest boy toy Derrick Hanson to a room for the enjoyment of pimp Vin Nolan. They all end up having a threeway in which Hanson takes on both men. Kamrun Assher is blackmailing a major action star (Marco Paris) with compromising photos in the next scene. Paris offers payment by sucking cock and topping the black stud. But the best scene doesn’t take place in a tacky room. Mustang exclusive Dak Ramsey (pictured, above) works the front desk as the tattooed night clerk. When hotties Alexy Tyler and Justin Riddick can’t afford a room, Ramsey allows them to take over the lobby for their tryst. Tyler sucks with glee and gets Ramsey so turned on that he starts to jack. Soon the hairy muscle hunk, who has a very sexy real-man quality, is topping Tyler himself (after Riddick cums and goes, that is). This scene and Ramsey—along with Hanson’s standout performance in his threeway—are highlights of Sleaze. Picture quality is fine, although lighting is harsh at times. One caveat: The final scene reloops at least two pieces of footage, leading us to believe that it might not have been as much sleazy fun as it looks. (Mustang Studios)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2007)

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