January 19, 2008

News: COLT Refutes Masi/Champ Statement

A few days ago we reported that porn stars Carlo Masi and Adam Champ would not be renewing their contracts with COLT Studio Group. This information was based on a press release the couple sent out themselves. Now, CEO John Rutherford and COLT are calling that into question with their own release. “We are in ‘normal’ negotiations with both Carlo and Adam,” it reads, “and we never officially received any press release from them, but others have sent it to us. Both Carlo and Adam’s contracts have not expired as of yet and both have a few months remaining. No matter the turnout, COLT has been around for over 40 years and expects to be around for another 40 years and beyond. COLT is a brand, a lifestyle and does not rely on any one person’s image or persona to make it iconic. History and the production of all the COLT Men over time keeps the name COLT as the most trusted name in erotic products.” Rutherford added, “If there’s one thing that is consistent in this business, it’s the inconsistency of this business.” Guess that means the buff bodybuilders aren’t as free to share their hot bods as they thought. Stay tuned!

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