January 9, 2008

New Release: Man Island

Black Scorpion Entertainment continues its new-release schedule with Man Island, once again bringing together two of gay porn’s most desirable studs: Black Scorpion exclusive D.O. and Brazilian superstud Rafael Alencar.

Debuting on the heels of Hunger, Man Island is a shipwreck fantasy that was shot entirely on location on a secluded island in the Mexican Gulf. The film features eight handsome men enjoying erotic adventures. And the casting of D.O. and Alencar is sure to pique the interest of porn aficionados.

“There’s a fierce sexual chemistry that ignites a film when D.O. and Rafael are involved in the same movie,” says James Ian, Black Scorpion executive. “They both enjoy sex with such passion—the energy’s contagious and transfers from one scene to the next.”

Man Island comes as a deluxe two-disc package. The first features five sex scenes, including a climactic orgy. The second includes exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, including a tour of the secret island and a deleted scene.

Starring Black Scorpion exclusive D.O., Rafael Alencar, Marko Hansome, Tim Kruger, Mario Perez, Romario, Rocko and Marco Paris. Directed by Rafael Alencar. For more information, visit www.blackscorpionvideo.com.

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