November 14, 2009

Movie Review: Auditions, Vol. 26, Michael’s Bed


Director: Michael Lucas.
Cast: Michael Lucas, Jason Crew, Sebastian Rivers, Jack MacCarthy, Jackson Wild, Doucet.

The 26th installment in the Auditions series should come with a warning: If you’re not a fan of director and star Michael Lucas, stay away! The full-lipped Russian superstar appears in every scene, having sex with a bevy of porn stars and even one actual newcomer. First, Jason Crew discusses his awards and the many films he has made before diving into Lucas’s ample crotch. These two get off on lots of great kissing, sharing an electric connection and refusing to be distracted by what sounds like a party going on outside their hotel room. They soon progress to 69 action, and Lucas performs his patented helicopter fuck move. Crew offers up plenty of gaping-butthole close-ups, which seems to please Lucas. In the end, Crew splooges into his own mouth and Lucas feeds him what he missed. Besides the annoying ambient sound, this scene is a keeper. Thankfully, Sebastian Rivers doesn’t have to submit to one of those banal pre-sex interviews. He just goes right to sucking Lucas’s oversize meat. This leads to more 69 fun and eventually the beefy and surprisingly docile Rivers goes bottoms up. He and Lucas seem ill-suited, and poor sound mars a brief post-orgasm interview. The only newcomer, Cajun model Doucet, is the victim of glaring lighting and a badly edited cum shot. (He also gets pissed on by Lucas in the DVD extras.)

But it’s sexy Jack MacCarthy (back after working for Titan Media under a different name) who steals the show in what is set up as a solo scene. Hairy and handsome MacCarthy has a lithe dancer’s body, and he manages to twist himself into some provocative positions (there’s some brief self-sucking of his wet mushroom head) while jacking and talking seductively to Lucas off-camera. But the tension soon builds to the point where Lucas just steps in, unzips and starts pounding Jack’s perfect ass. There is real heat here as MacCarthy gives nasty verbal encouragement (including his willingness to take the Lucas load), all while looking young, fresh and innocent. Hot! Poor Jackson Wild has to follow this winning scene (better sequencing might have helped here), but the cute newbie does well, sucking and bottoming with energy (after divulging that he dated porn superstar Jason Ridge! Who knew?). However, this is Lucas’s show from start to finish. He performs like the porn veteran he is—displaying his still impressive physique and boundless sexual prowess—and directs with his usual iron fist. But the lack of production standards is troubling, especially for an auteur who has always been such a stickler for the details.

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

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