November 14, 2009

Movie Review: Auditions, Volume 28


Director: Michael Lucas.
Cast: Wilfried Knight, Claudio Martin, Ben Andrews, Ryan Raz, Brandon Williams, Murphy Maxwell, Blu Kennedy, Victor Steele, Michael Lucas.

Porn star Wilfried Knight recently returned to the Lucas Entertainment fold with Brothers’ Reunion. Now he’s back as the centerpiece of the latest Auditions movie, A Knight With Wilfried, appearing in two scenes that bookend the 28th (!) installment of the aging series. The first pairs the scruffy stud with onetime reality star Claudio Martin. But first the models must endure the standard grilling from director Michael Lucas. These interviews have grown increasingly tedious and incoherent and viewers will do themselves a favor by hitting the fast-forward button until they see some flesh. Knight and Martin have plenty of great flesh to show off, and they do lots of kissing, sucking and shrimping (now a Lucas standard) until Wilfried winds up on the bottom. Then, in the final scene, Knight flip-flop fucks with Victor Steele, but the hairy hunk still seems more natural on the receiving end.

In between, newbies Brandon Williams and Murphy Maxwell seem earnest about bringing some heat to their scene, but few sparks fly for this mismatched twosome. Vet star Ben Andrews does much better with cutie Ryan Raz, who manages to inhale most of Andrews’ renowned cock before riding it to completion. This scene ends with some snowballing as Andrews licks Raz’s load from his smooth torso then feeds him his own output. Add Andrews’ facial cum shot to Ryan, and you have Lucas pushing the envelope once more. The director appears in the next scene with redheaded hottie Blu Kennedy (who utters the only interview answer worth listening to when he calls out infamous top Lucas by asking, “Why don’t you bottom?”). Kennedy has a gorgeous beefy body, and his shock of hair, not to mention his big cock, make him an appealing star we never tire of watching.

At this point in his career, Lucas brings plenty of baggage to a scene, but he still knows how to fuck, which he does here, long and hard. Shaky camerawork mars some of the action, and most of the scenes take place in natural light in front of a big picture window, which allows viewers to see city buses as they stream by. It also means that the sound of traffic and wailing sirens often punctuate the action—not exactly a turn-on! (Lucas Entertainment)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2009)

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