November 4, 2009

News: Athletic Model Guild Goes Greek

Athletic Model Guild has announced the release of Days of Greek Gods. The DVD, which features 12 films from the infancy of beefcake, focuses on the work of prolific photographer and longtime AMG collaborator Richard Fontaine. The film was originally released in 1954 and stars physique icons Bob Delmonteque, Artie Zeller and Johnny Apollo. Fontaine created the first-ever theatrically released film of this type. Along with Bob Mizer and a handful of other gay photographers, his physique films flickered from the home projectors of gay porn patrons in the 1950s.

“A few years ago, while opening hundreds of boxes of films shot by Bob Mizer, we uncovered a real treasure,” AMG President Dennis Bell says. “In the early 1970s, after a fruitful career in physique filmmaking, Fontaine abandoned his early work for a career in mainstream filmmaking. He gave all rights to his library of physique film negatives to Bob Mizer. Bob continued to sell the films through Physique Pictorial, under the AMG name for decades. Imagine our delight to find that Fontaine’s film negatives were still intact and well preserved among the rest of AMG’s films.” For more information, visit

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