November 2, 2009

Short Takes: Bel Ami and Cockyboys Unite Online…and More

Bel Ami and have released the first scene from the upcoming Cocky Friends DVD. For this new collaboration, Cockyboy exclusive Jesse Santana flew to Amsterdam to once again shoot with Bel Ami’s Luke Hamill. But this time Santana brought along fellow Cockyboys Bobby Clark and Skyler Caine. Not to be outdone, Bel Ami sent Milo and Elijah Peters, Jean-Daniel Chagall, Colin Hewitt, Todd Rosset, Florian Nemec and Kris Evans. (Sounds like the Cockyboys were outnumbered!) Suddenly, it became a steamy sex-filled week that just happened to be caught on film. According to a press release, “the chemistry in the house was animalistic and uninhibited.” Sounds hot! Cockyboys head Kyle Majors adds, “We are thrilled to be working with such a creative powerhouse in the business such as Bel Ami. Their work is top-notch and is obvious by the quality of the scenes in the Cocky Friends DVD.” The first scene (which features Colin Hewitt and Bobby Clark) is available now at both and The DVD will be released early next year.…Okay, this next item has nothing to do with gay porn, but we just had to mention it. The late actress (and Vince’s favorite Golden Girl) Bea Arthur left $300,000 in her will to the Ali Fornay Center, a New York organization that aids homeless gay youth. The Center is planning to buy a building to house 12 young people and name it in honor of the always outspoken and fabulous Ms. Arthur. “We are overwhelmed with gratitude that Bea saw that LGBT youth deserve as much love and support as any other young person, and that she placed so much value in the work we do to protect them and to help them rebuild their lives,” executive director Carl Siciliano says. Way to go, Bea. Sophia Petrillo would be proud!…Legendary screen stud Aiden Shaw has written a new book. Sordid Truths: Selling My Innocence for a Taste of Stardom is a prequel to his best-selling memoir My Undoing that follows his path to becoming a star in gay adult films. It includes his transition from a broke college student to a hard-working hustler. Once directrix Chi Chi LaRue took Polaroids of a naked and aroused Shaw, his fate was pretty much sealed. He went on to make more than 50 films and win numerous awards. He also wrote two novels. Currently, Shaw divides his time between New York and London. For more information (and to see a fun man-on-the-street video with a seriously gray and bearded Shaw), visit

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