May 20, 2009

Behind the Scenes: Beg for It

COLT Studio Group is back with Beg for It, and director Kristofer Weston wrote to give us a look behind one of it hottest scenes, which stars Nash Lawler and Derek Nicks (below). “Everyone knows what a big fan of rope play I’ve always been, so I really was excited about shooting this special scene for Buckshot,” Weston says. “Derek Nicks was hired because he has the most innocent face of a cherub I’ve ever seen, but little did I know that he also had never bottomed before and was a bit apprehensive. Nash Lawler naturally has the personality of the older brother jock that is kind of a bully that teases you relentlessly. So I knew the two of them were going to create the power dynamic that I wanted.”

The scene takes place on a pool table, where Nicks is bound at the ankles. “When we tied his hands behind his back, Derek sort of broke out into a nervous giggle,” Weston recalls. “As we rolled the camera, his giggle didn’t stop, he just couldn’t help himself. The growing bulge in his pants told us he was enjoying the helplessness of the situation though! Once Nash entered the room, he took complete control and teased his helpless victim unmercifully. He pulled out Derek’s rock-hard piece and took some shots at it with the pool balls causing Derek to yelp as they made contact. Nash then pulled his own dick out, removed Derek’s sock gag and waved his dick under his nose, making him beg for the chance to put his lips on it.”

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