May 29, 2009

Event: Robert Van Damme Party in L.A.


Porn superstar Robert Van Damme will celebrate the launch of his new studio, RVD Productions, at North Hollywood’s premier leather bar this Sunday, May 31. The Bullet Bar (10522 Burbank Blvd.) will host the event/DVD giveaway from 5 to 9 pm, which will feature surprise guest porn stars from Van Damme’s new releases, a BBQ and go-go boys.

Van Damme, who is a native of the Czech Republic, began his porn career in 2002 with director Blue Blake. Since then, he has starred in more than 25 movies as a model, and now he is starting his own studio with the help of veteran director Gino Colbert. Together, they have produced six movies (Private Party 1, 2 and 3; Anal Intruder; Butt Bouncers; and Cocks in Paradise) under his new label. (And yes, the rumors are true: Van Damme bottoms for Tyler Saint in the final installment of Private Party. We have an advance copy and it is worth the wait, guys!)

We are also hearing that Van Damme, who was a professional hockey player before he became a screen stud, will be taking the stage to strip out of his leather gear. Sounds like a night to remember! For more information, visit

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