May 22, 2009

Movie Review: Roman’s Holiday


Director: John Bruno.
Cast: Roman Heart, Max Schutler, Pedro Andreas, Daniel Marvin, Robinho DeSilva, Ulises Falcon, German Roja, Michael Amerika, Alejandro Bravo, Bruno Bordas, Thomas Achaval, Damian Ferreyra.

Falcon exclusive Roman Heart headlines a trip to Argentina in Roman’s Holiday. The onetime fair-haired twink has matured quite a bit since Falcon plucked him practically out of high school for porn stardom. He still has the same smooth tanned body, but his hair is darker and his demeanor is more serious. In the opening, he wanders the streets of Buenos Aires with buddy Max Schutler. Heart meets hunky Robinho DeSilva and they engage in some outdoor action until they strip down to their matching Calvin Klein underwear (oddly, everyone in the country seems to wear the same brand of tighty whiteys!) and take it indoors. This scene is brief and cuts right to the chase as DeSilva immediately goes for Heart’s hole, eating it before fucking it. Roman appears to be less than thrilled, burying his face in the sofa and looking distracted as he takes a pounding. He also takes a faceful of jizz, which almost makes up for the lack of chemistry between him and DeSilva.

The models in the next scene fare a bit better, as neighbors Ulises Falcon and German Rojas rub their nearly identical perfect bodies together. They also do the first sucking in the movie then move on to ass-eating and anal, but again, their connection is lacking. Thomas Achaval and Damian Ferreyra are also look-alikes, both sporting beards and some other nice fur. But more important, they seem to be into each other. They kiss passionately and share their uncut cocks in an erotic 69 session. By the time they fuck, the sweat is flowing. Ferreyra pumps the jizz out of Achaval before jacking into his gaping asshole (hey, is that even safe? We’re adding this to the list of questionable activities that have been taking place in Falcon releases of late).

Heart returns for the final two scenes—one is a fiveway in which he charms Schutler’s friends by topping two of them (Max shows his versatility by topping and bottoming). Now Heart has such a killer ass that it’s easy to forget that he can be an aggressive top man too. He actually seems more natural on top, especially considering what comes next. In the last scene, Heart hooks up with muscular couple Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin. After blowing the beefy studs, Heart accommodates both in a double-penetration sequence that made us wince. Heart just looks uncomfortable as he takes both dicks; but this is also thankfully brief, so he doesn’t have to endure the tight fit for long. In the end, he takes both loads orally and then jacks, ending his vacation with a jizzy cocktail. Picture quality is average and the sex doesn’t always live up to Falcon’s usual high standards. As for Heart, he looks like he might have been happier just staying at home. (Falcon Studios)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2008)


DeWayne In San Diego said...

oh Wow this one looks hot and Roman is maturing into his face! LOL he always had the bod now he looks more handsome.

I just Luv the Argentine men so much variety!

frederic said...

hmm roman is a bottom athlete and so is max schuttler, these boys ar emade for it. I quite enjoyed the release, just because i'm addicted to latino flesh:)