May 15, 2009

Movie Review: Missionary in Argentina


Director: Chad Donovan.
Cast: Max Schutler, Rod Daily, German Rojas, Lucas, Michael Amerika, Ulises Falcon, Bruno Bordas, Juan Pablo.

Cover model Rod Daily is a man on a mission. In director Chad Donovan’s Missionary in Argentina, the Texas cutie travels to spread the word of God but ends up spreading his seed on foreign soil. The opening scene finds Brother Rod meeting his co-workers at the seminary and hitting the books, but it turns out that neighbors Lucas and Ulises Falcon have other things on their mind as they suck and fuck nearby. Lucas is a big beefy top and he works Falcon’s hole until he explodes. Brothers German Rojas and Michael Amerika get distracted from their studies in the next scene. The two studs are sleeping side-by-side in separate beds, but once their hands reach out and touch, they soon end up sharing a bed and their uncut cocks. Rojas, who has the most perfect five-o’clock shadow you’re likely to see, eats Amerika’s surprisingly hairy butt before ramming into him. There are some great tight pole-in-hole action shots here.

Daily spies his buddies going at it, which leads him to check out the local cruise park where Bruno Bordas and Juan Pablo meet. They get together in another hot scene, but Daily still needs to get his needs met. Along the way, he hooks up with local stud Max Schutler, who shows him around the town. Although Rod’s main mission is to get people to attend his church, Max convinces him that he can also have some fun. He tells Daily that they will “go slowly,” but their sex is pretty much full throttle. They start with deep sucking and Schutler shows his expertise as an oralist, but he also fucks Daily’s face. Then he chows down on Rod’s ass and pounds him in two positions. But Daily wants his turn on top, so Schutler flips and rides his pole with ease. They both produce juicy cum shots, and Daily announces that he now has a new mission in life! Production values are high and the foreign locations exotic. Joe Wilson’s choral soundtrack also adds a bit of gravitas and a touch of class. (Jet Set Men/Latin Heat Productions)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

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luv schutler, he's sooooo hot