August 6, 1996

Porn Star Interview: Cole Youngblood


Cole Youngblood is a virgin. As he sits in his dressing room backstage at the Eros Theatre in New York City, looking nervously at the red light on the tape recorder, he makes a startling admission: He has never given an interview before. Yes, this buffed boy who has taken the gay porn world by storm in the past year has managed to avoid the probing eye of the press. Until now.

Youngblood (pictured above, right) has just steamed his way through a sensuous dance number onstage, wearing an American flag, military cap and nothing else. His ease with the audience belies the fact that he’s only been dancing and acting in skin flicks for less than two years. As he sits his hunky self down, Youngblood admits that he’s more than a bit nervous. So, how is this 23-year-old paramedic from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, enjoying his foray into adult films?

“It’s a lot of fun, but it’s work,” Youngblood says. “It’s a lot more work than it seems. You know when you’re shooting a movie, you’ve got to get this angle, that angle, stop, start, do this, do that. It’s hard.” But not hard enough to keep him from appearing in 10 films in the past year.

“He’s an incredible performer,” director Chi Chi LaRue says. “He’s got a big dick, and he loves to eat ass, which makes for a good porn star.” Youngblood had sent LaRue some photographs two years earlier that she says were “blurry, weird shots and didn’t make him look good, so I never pursued it. Now, he’s a big star and I turned him down!” The drag superstar recalls that the first time she and Youngblood actually worked together, he was very nervous at first, but “all he needed to do was stick his face in someone’s butt in order to get hard.”

Though he has appeared in such films as Studio Tricks (Catalina) and Black Muscle Machine (Brick House), Youngblood says Download (Falcon) is his personal favorite: “It was my first. I felt a lot more comfortable than I thought I would. And there’s one scene with Marco Calles and Kevin Dean that was very hot.” But he admits that he’s not a big fan of his own videos. “I never really watch them,” he says. “I’m too critical of myself.”

Although Youngblood still makes his home in Pennsylvania, he flies out to Los Angeles about once a month to make a movie or do a photo shoot. He remains close to his family, and says that his parents and sister have come to see him perform onstage. “
It was strange,” he laughs, “but they said, ‘We want to know exactly what you’re doing,’ so they came one time. I think that was enough for them.”

As for his personal life, Youngblood claims that at the moment he’s single. “It’s tougher to have a boyfriend in this business,” he says. And though he hopes to continue his education at some point, for now, his career comes first. “I figure I better do it while I can,” he says with a laugh.

Somehow, we get the feeling that this interview won’t be Cole Youngblood’s last.

Reprinted from HX magazine (1996)