March 31, 2008

New Release: Auditions, Volume 21

The 21st edition of Lucas Entertainment’s award-winning Auditions series features a kinky new crew who will do anything to get on camera and in a Lucas production. These guys are worse than reality stars! Director Michael Lucas personally tries out cover model Kyle Hennessy, sex pig Scott Spears (who drinks every drop of Lucas’s piss in a director’s cut of their scene) and fan favorite Jason Tiyá. Bad boy Jimmy Trips (hey, he has a last name now!) fucks newbie Collin’s brains out, and jock stud Bobby York, hottie Bodie (aka Brad Benton back on the porn block) and veteran Latin stud Rick Gonzales share a steamy threeway. The Auditions train keeps rolling! Starring Lucas exclusives Michael Lucas and Jimmy Trips, plus Bodie, Collin, Rick Gonzales, Kyle Hennessy, Scott Spears, Jason Tiyá and Bobby York. For more information, visit

March 28, 2008

Music Review: Colton Ford: Tug of War


As anyone who has seen the 2004 documentary Naked Fame knows, former porn star Colton Ford has been pursuing a singing career for many years. And as anyone who has seen one of his many movies—including Porn Struck 2 and Bringing Out Brother—knows, he is one sexy daddy. Since his retirement from the porn industry in ’03, Ford has been working on his music full-time, and the fruits of his labor can now be heard on his first full-length CD, Tug of War. The album, which he co-wrote with producer Quentin Harris, places him in a dance-oriented R&B setting that fits the hairy hunk like a glove. From the opening beats of “Ready,” Ford sounds like an older, wiser—and slightly dirtier—version of Justin Timberlake. He settles into a sexy groove with “You Ain’t Gonna Change” and croons seductively over the percolating rhythms of “Gotta Do.” Ford shows off his smooth falsetto on the first single, “The Way You Love Me,” while Monique Bingham brings her sassy vocal style to a duet of “Bluntly Speaking.” On the darker side, “That’s Me” finds Ford treading in autobiographical waters as he proclaims “I am multifaceted” and “You get what you see.” Listeners will get the feeling that he’s been waiting a long time to sing those lines and to prove them true.

At the midway point, Tug of War takes a turn toward more soulful ballads (“You Get What You Get” and the title cut), with Ford offering stronger vocals that display a more distinctive side of his voice than some of the dance tracks, where at times his vocals get lost in the mix. The album bogs down a bit toward the end with two uninteresting and overly long tracks (“It’ll Be Alright” and “Wait for Me”) but ends on a high note with “Your Love Is Everything,” which Ford penned with Grammy winner Denise Rich. Harris serves up a solid production, and dance floor devotees won’t be disappointed. Pop music fans will also be taken in by the catchy hooks. And for those who have followed Ford’s journey from the blue screen to blue-eyed soul, the sexy packaging (with tastefully naked photographs by Joe Oppedisano) will keep them happy too. There’s something for everyone here, but then Colton Ford has always been a crowd pleaser. (Outsider Music)

March 27, 2008

News: Brodie Sinclair Gets Cocky on the Web

Another day, another exclusive deal for model Brodie Sinclair. has announced that the onetime Raging Stallion exclusive and current FPG Entertainment exclusive has been signed as a Web exclusive to the company. His contract calls for scenes in which the gay-for-pay top will allow himself to be penetrated. Sinclair was convinced to accept the new deal with after a series of discussions with company head Kyle Majors.

“I met Brodie in 2005,” Majors recalls, “and we realized that there was a bond between us. I accepted his being straight. That’s what he’s always been and seemed in his scenes. I saw something more in Brodie. It was gay, sure, but it was like a straight guy a little bit curious. It was curiosity. I thought it could lead to more.”

The first scene under the new agreement features the tattooed stud, who has appeared in films such as Grunts and Savage, in a solo session in which he uses a sex toy to gradually open his (allegedly) heretofore virgin ass.

“I wanted to be honest about it,” Sinclair says. “After doing this for a while, I’m curious. I’m not backing out. It’s still about the money, and I signed the papers, but I know what I’m getting into. I want to try it. Considering my past history, in part I’m proving to the industry that I can keep a deal and perform professionally. So I might as well share this with my fans.

“I have no issues with getting fucked,” the 25-year-old model continues. “I think I’ll try it, on camera, a couple of times, and then that will be it. I don’t see myself getting into it. It’s not my thing, but I’ll give anything an honest effort. And the guys I fuck seem to fucking love it when I fuck them, so fuck, I gotta know what it feels like, you know?”

Such eloquence. Don’t you just love it when a “straight” guy decides to take it up the ass for money? To see Brodie Sinclair experiment for cash, visit

News: Tony Capucci Signs Exclusive Falcon Deal

Falcon Studios has announced the signing of model Tony Capucci to an exclusive contract. His debut scene for the San Francisco–based studio will be in the film Afterparty and feature a gang bang with Falcon exclusives Erik Rhodes and TJ Hawke and Ridgeline Films’ exclusive Damian Rios. It will be released on June 23.

“Tony Capucci has every classic attribute a Falcon exclusive should have,” says Falcon president Todd Montgomery, “the face, the body, the dick—and he’s an amazing performer that can keep up with the best of the best. We are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Tony Capucci.”

Before signing with Falcon, the 24-year-old model first developed a following online with performances on Web sites such as, and He soon decided to branch out into film work and signed with the management team of David Forest and Johnny Castle.

Capucci will also grace the cover of the April issue of Freshmen Magazine and make his first live club appearance at PLAY in Nashville on May 9. For more information on this rising screen stud, visit

March 26, 2008

New Release: Savage

In the tradition of Manifesto and Instinct, recent GAYVN Award–winning director Ben Leon (for Grunts with co-director Chris Ward) brings viewers Savage, a no-nonsense examination of hot men fucking. In five scenes, some of Raging Stallion’s finest exclusives (and others) come together in a full-on mess of spit, slaps, leather and cum. Hirsute hunk Steve Cruz gets busy in two scenes with both Fred Faurtin and Victor Steele. Steele also jacks with sexy Luke Hass before bottoming for him. Hairy Roman Ragazzi takes on Brodie Sinclair, sucking the onetime exclusive and offering up his fine ass. The final scene is a team effort for Matthieu Paris, Ricky Sinz and superhung Antonio Biaggi. Savage will surely bring out the beast in fans. Starring Roman Ragazzi, Steve Cruz, Antonio Biaggi, Brodie Sinclair, Fred Faurtin, Luke Hass, Matthieu Paris, Ricky Sinz and Victor Steele. For more information, visit

March 25, 2008

News: Elite Male Studios Signs Visconti Triplets

Elite Male Studios has announced the signing of the Visconti triplets. The brothers, Joey, Jimmy and Jason, have inked an exclusive two-year deal. “The gay adult industry is known for its fantasy films about twins,” says Andrew T, director of production for Valley Pro Video Distributors, “but triplets are unheard of—let alone brothers of the magnitude of the Viscontis. The creative possibilities are endless, and we intend to take full advantage of this opportunity.”

The three handsome siblings released a statement saying, “We are delighted to have accepted Elite Male’s offer, and already shot an amazing scene with some of the other hot Elite Male models.”

Andrew T added, “Having an exclusive like this takes Elite Male to an entirely new level. And [it] sets a new bar for every other production company to reach—if they can!”

Personally, we haven’t been this excited about a trio since the Del Rubio Triplets sang “Neutron Dance” on The Golden Girls! For more information on the Visconti triplets, visit

March 24, 2008

Guy Candy: Fratman Rand

Fratman Rand is a scrappy little wrestling dude who showed up for his shoot with a big mop of hair. But by the time the Fratmen crew was done with him, he had a new short do and a tongue piercing! It seems that as Jasun was driving Rand back to the airport on his way home, they passed a head shop that was having a special on piercings and cutie Rand just had to get it done right then and there. For more of Rand and his new piercing, visit

March 21, 2008

Movie Review: Hawaii


Director: John Rutherford.
Cast: Mitch Branson, Gage Weston, Luke Garrett, Adam Champ, Carlo Masi, Erik Valentin, Darin Hawk.

Few porn movies achieve the level of art, but Hawaii, with John Rutherford helming a first-rate production, comes pretty damn close. In four scenes, set in a gorgeous island location, COLT’s finest models become part of a larger canvas. It’s not just about the hot bodies or hotter sex; the great photography and beautiful composition of shots make you feel like you’re watching a painting come to life. Gage Weston and Mitch Branson are up first, making slow, sensual love in an infinity pool. Their hard muscles glow and each hair on Branson’s perfect chest glistens. Weston does most of the work here (Branson does suck tentatively for a couple of minutes), performing excellent oral, bottoming and receiving a major pearl necklace. Luke Garrett and Darin Hawk do just as well, sharing a strong connection that comes across in their fucking. The erotic tension between them builds as the scene goes on, leading to a graphic cum-on-hole shot. Weston returns for a threeway with hairy Adam Champ and sexy Erik Valatin (who bottoms for both), and Garrett comes back to do Carlo Masi. This last scene features studs Garrett and Masi kissing romantically then sucking in the surf. They even do some docking, a hot but rarely seen activity in porn. The scenery is breathtaking, as are the men. Picture quality is crystal-clear and the music from Rock Hard creates an almost hypnotic vibe that is perfect accompaniment as Rutherford paints his masterpiece. Bravo! (Colt Studio Group)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

Web Watch: Lucas Kazan Relaunches Site

GAYVN Hall of Famer Lucas Kazan has announced the relaunch of his official Web site. debuted in May 2006, featuring the hot films and sexy Euro models (including Jean Franko, above) of the successful Italian director of hits such as The Men I Wanted, Journey to Italy and The Innkeeper: Hotel Italia 2. Now, based on feedback from visitors and affiliates, the site has been retooled with cross-indexed files and streaming videos available in high-quality Flash and Quicktime.

“We’re committed to doing what does best,” says Italian co-producer (and former porn star) Ettore Tosi, “bringing you the hottest newcomers from all over the world, with the quality and the attention to detail we’re known for.” Director of Web operations Michael Gregory adds, “The prospects of this new dynamic Web platform are truly exciting. It allows for agile development, while enhancing the experience of our members.” For more information, visit

March 20, 2008

New Release: Breakers

GAYVN Hall of Fame director Bruce Cam has made many incredible movies for Titan Media (besides founding the company in 1995) over the years, including classics such as Fluid, Trespass, the Fallen Angel series and Island Guardian. Now, he has decided to quit directing porn for greener pastures, but he leaves his devoted fans with Breakers, the story of 13 masculine men who do manly stuff like surf big waves, camp in the woods and fuck in pickup trucks. Eleven are TitanMen exclusives, including Eduardo (below), who returns to bottom for the first time ever on-screen and looks amazing! These seven breathtaking scenes are a true testament to Cam’s gifts as a filmmaker. Starring TitanMen exclusives Victor Banda, Alex Baresi, Dillon Buck, Tony Buff, Damien Crosse, Eduardo, Darius Falke, Dean Flynn, Rick van Sant, François Sagat and Diesel Washington, with Arpad Miklos and Jackson Wild.

Breakers has also made headlines for being the first gay adult high-definition film on Blu-ray Disc. It is mastered and released in full 1080i high-definition widescreen format. “We are very proud that Breakers is the first gay adult film released on Blu-ray,” Cam says. “[It] is truly one of the finest gay adult films ever made; its outdoor panoramic scope is the perfect choice to show the world what Blu-ray high-definition gay adult films should look like.”

Keith Webb, vice president of Titan Media, adds, “I have seen the future and its name is Blu-ray! Once consumers have gotten a look at our films in glorious widescreen, Blu-ray high-def, they will never go back to standard DVD or online streaming. Watching TitanMen films in Blu-ray is like watching live action going on right in front of you; it feels like you can almost reach out and touch the performers!” For more information, visit

March 19, 2008

News: Cocky Boys Releases Petrov’s Last Scene has announced the release of the final scene from porn star Nickolay Petrov. Now you may have heard that Petrov is all tied up in Florida at the moment facing a trial for attempted murder, among other charges, but the Cocky Boys Web site just happens to have this scene in the can. “The American system of justice holds a man innocent until proven guilty,” says Cocky Boys online producer Kyle Majors. “And in that vein, [we] would like to wish its talented sexual performer Nickolay Petrov the best. We hope the stories circulating around this trial are untrue and that all parties honor the standards that allow the accused a fair trial.”

Before his arrest, onetime Jet Set Men exclusive Petrov starred in numerous movies, such as Code Violators, Just Add Water and Proven Straight, and several scenes for Cocky Boys, including this new one co-starring Hunter. “We knew we had something special after Nickolay and Hunter had cum,” Majors says, “and the energy just kept buzzing in the room. We had it all on film—who knew at the time it might be his last release?”

And what does Hunter have to say about his time spent with the alleged murder suspect? “He fucked me with the blank intensity of an animal,” Hunter commented on their scene. For Petrov’s last appearance and more, visit

News: Dean Phoenix Returns to All Worlds

Porn superstar and former All Worlds exclusive Dean Phoenix has returned to the studio that made him a star nearly a decade ago. Channel 1 Releasing and All Worlds Video have announced that after a seven-year absence, Phoenix has reunited with director Doug Jeffries (pictured above with Phoenix) for his latest film Forever Young. The award-winning model revisited his old stomping grounds to shoot a scene with porn pup Kyle Pierce.

Discovered by former All Worlds president Rick Ford in 1998, Phoenix starred in 16 All Worlds films, including God Was I Drunk, How the West Was Hung, Down Austin Lane and Untamed, which was Jeffries’ directorial debut. In 2000, he retired from the industry until director Jerry Douglas lured him back for BuckleRoos, which earned Phoenix both the Best Actor and Best Sex Scene trophies at the 2005 GAYVN Awards. In recent months, Phoenix has starred in COLT Studios’ Brotherhood and Jet Set Men’s On Fire!

“I was so excited when Dean agreed to come back to All Worlds to star in my latest movie,” Jeffries says. “It was a real pleasure working with him. Not only because he starred in the first movie I ever directed, but because he is one of the hottest and nicest stars in the business. Dean is a true star, a fantastic performer and an amazing friend. I hope we get to do it again very soon.”

Forever Young also stars All Worlds exclusive Cameron Marshall, Kai Ford, Lex Sabre, TJ Young, Trystan Sweet, Kyle Pierce and Jason Michaels. It is due for a late spring release. For more information, visit

March 16, 2008

Blog Circle Jerk: Our First Porno


Ever done a circle jerk? Us either. Hey, what can we say? We never went away to college. But we’re making up for lost time now., along with other gay porn sites, has been asked by to take part in a new monthly online event in which a group of bloggers post articles about the same preassigned topic. It’s sort of like synchronized gay porn blogging! Anyway, this month’s topic is: “Your First Porno. Please share with us about the first porn you ever saw.“ We had to dig deep into the memory banks for this, but here’s what Vince came up with:

For some reason I can’t remember which gay porn was the first. It was probably a Jeff Stryker movie, like Powertool, or an Al Parker classic, like Spokes (Dick Fisk, yum). Maybe it was William Higgins’ Class Reunion. But I do vividly recall my first straight porn. Some friends and I ditched school and snuck off to a seedy porn theater in a neighboring town. It was sort of like the “art cinema” that Francine Fishpaw’s husband runs in the hysterical John Waters movie Polyester, right on the main street of the town among other storefronts. (In the film, he shows porn epics like My Burning Bush, and the townies picket the theater and accost the patrons as they slink out.) Anyway, we wore hats and dark glasses in the middle of the day (not too obvious) and entered the cool darkness of the theater. And up there on the big screen, in all her glory, was Pretty Peaches—and she was mesmerizing. (Years later, director Chi Chi LaRue told me that this was the first porn movie she ever saw too!)

The star of Pretty Peaches was Desiree Cousteau (no relation to Jacques), and she played some horny free-spirited chick who banged lots of guys. The plot is cloudy (I know there was a wedding scene, and then Peaches got amnesia, and finally an enema sequence that became famous), but, of course, I still remember two of those guys: Joey Silvera (who was young, smooth and cute) and John Leslie (who was more mature, muscular and hairy). (They both went on to become major directors on the straight side after their time as performers was over.) And I was quite taken with Desiree, too. She was pretty and funny and had big (natural) boobs. After the movie came out, I saw an ad in The New York Post announcing her appearance at a local club. Being young and quite naive, I immediately called my friends and asked if they wanted to go see Desiree Cousteau in concert!

After I started covering the industry in the 1990s, I met Robin Byrd and she told me that she had worked with Desiree in a film and became friends with her. Sadly, according to the cable hostess, our Pretty Peaches ended up in the loony bin. Her whereabouts today are unknown. But luckily her work in this 1978 classic directed by Alex deRenzy lives on. And she will always be the peach who popped my porn cherry.

So, dear readers, what’s your very First Porno? Leave a comment and let us know. And to read the First Porno experiences of others at the Blog Circle Jerk, click here.

March 14, 2008

New Release: Splash

Studio 2000 and European director Danny Ray dive into the deep end with Splash, featuring 13 ripped young bucks bulging out of tiny swimsuits. Highlights include multiple no-hands cum shots, ball shaving and passionate makeout sessions. There are five scenes with more than two-and-a-half hours of sticky action, so get ready to get wet! Starring Casper Wats, Justin Corner, Fernando Kruz, Nico Sideropulus, Dion Davydov, Tom Hawai, Gary McAdams, Gery Owan, Adam Hanks, Ronnie Badell, Tom Smith, Jimmy Clark, Ruben Litzky. For more information, visit

Web Watch: Johnny Castle Debuts New Site

Men magazine’s Man of the Year Johnny Castle has launched his new Web site,, which features exclusive galleries, videos and a live cam of Castle and his sexy friends. The superstar model, who has starred in films such as Sun Soaked, has also announced the initial dates of his latest tour. On Friday, May 9, and Saturday, May 10, Castle will appear at Warehouse 29 in Greensboro, North Carolina. He will also make a special guest appearance on Saturday afternoon at the Triad Pride Festival. On Saturday, June 28, Castle will celebrate Gay Pride in Texas by riding in the Houston Pride Parade followed by a live show and autograph session at SouthBeach Nightclub. Atlanta Gay Pride welcomes Castle for in-store appearances at three of the Atlanta Inserection Adult Stores on Fourth of July weekend. For more information, visit

March 13, 2008

Movie Review: Rich Kid


Director: Csaba Borbely.
Cast: Dean Monroe, Tamas Eszterhazy, Marco Sanchez, Rod Stevens, Mad Stefano, Derek Lyon, Julio Carrillo, Manuel Martinez, Dewon Williams, Lucien Dickson, Sylvester Valentay, Thomas Vodnik, Antonio Moura, Mickey Cabalo.

The latest from director Csaba Borbely should be titled Rich Bitch as handsome Dean Monroe stars as a whiny playboy who is preparing for his birthday bash. All his friends secretly hate him, but they pal around with him so they can enjoy his gorgeous seaside house and perhaps land a place in his will. Monroe’s staff (Sylvester Valentay and Thomas Vodnik) can’t stand him either, and they show it by jacking into the eggs as they prepare his omelet. His buddies arrange a surprise b-day kidnapping for Monroe, and the thugs turn out to be studs (Dewon Williams and Derek Lyon). Monroe gets to take both their big uncut cocks from both ends. This scene is the highlight of the movie, and sexy Monroe acquits himself nicely, showing a more manly side than the overbearing queeniness he displays in the scenes with dialogue. The party finally happens and many of the guests celebrate with group sex, complete with hot tub and shower play (and that annoying looped moaning Borbely’s models are famous for). Monroe pops the cork on some champagne, and in the end, his pals toss him in the pool. The Adriatic coast makes a beautiful backdrop for the action. The models are all first-rate, as are the production values. Extras include a bonus scene with Monroe reuniting with his kidnappers and boyfriend (Tamas Eszterhazy). In this scene, as in most others, Monroe takes all three loads orally. Guess that’s because he’s the birthday boy. (Private Man)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2008)

March 12, 2008

Behind the Scenes: On Fire!

Since its release in January, Jet Set Men’s On Fire! has garnered lots of attention and numerous award nominations for its steamy story line and sex scenes. It also marks the debut of porn superstar Dean Phoenix for the studio. Now, new Jet Set partner Chris Steele has shared some of his exclusive pics from the Los Angeles set. In case you forgot, the firehouse drama stars Phoenix as a captain and Jet Set exclusive Jesse Santana as the newbie he nurses back to health and horniness. Jeremy Hall and Sebastian Young play seasoned pros who work over cadet Braxton Bond after tying him to his bed. There’s also a shower orgy featuring Guy Parker (Jesse’s real-life boyfriend), Max Schulter, C.J. Madison, Nathan Sommers and MTV True Life subject Aaron James, who makes his screen debut here, along with Jason Reddick. Co-directed by Steele and veteran star Chad Donovan, On Fire! is already setting sales records, and from the looks of these pictures, you can see why. For more information, visit

March 11, 2008

News: Raging Stallion Signs Damien Crosse

Raging Stallion Studios has announced the signing of porn star Damien Crosse to a long-term exclusive modeling contract. Crosse, who recently ended a two-year stint as an exclusive for Titan Media, will make his RSS debut with model Steve Cruz in Hotter Than Hell, which will be released in July. He is also scheduled to film a scene with RSS superstar Roman Ragazzi and will play one of the leading roles in director Chris Ward’s latest Arabian movie and also in a cowboy drama, both set to lens this summer.

“I am really thrilled to be working at Raging Stallion,” Crosse says. “I really enjoyed working with the guys at my previous studio—they were great people and we made some excellent films together—but after two years there I just wanted to try to do something new and different. Raging Stallion is the company that shoots some of my favorite porn, so it was an easy choice.”

RSS president Ward agrees, saying, “Damien is grade-A gay male—pretty much as hot as they get. He is also a wonderful man. I was blown away when he approached us about working for my studio. He has had a great career so far, and I will work hard to make sure he continues on an onward-and-upward trajectory.”

Crosse’s first film for Raging Stallion, Hotter Than Hell, will be a four-disc package with a script by co-star Cruz and directed by Ward and Ben Leon (who both recently took Best Director honors at the GAYVN Awards for Grunts). The movie tells the story of a man who makes a deal with the devil (played by Ricky Sinz) for sexual gain. The two-week shoot is currently under way, and Cruz is writing daily reports from the set at For more information, visit

March 10, 2008

Seen: Jeremy Hall Marching on Washington

Porn star Jeremy Hall launched the affiliate program for his Club Jeremy Hall Web site last week. Powered by CCBill, Jock Bucks offers members a 50-percent lifetime revshare. Whatever that is! Okay, so fans won’t care about the program, but they will be interested to know that to celebrate the new deal, Hall donned a jockstrap and took to the streets of Washington, D.C., holding a tacky cardboard sign. Sort of like a homeless guy, but just with a superhot bod.

“I knew no one would pay much attention to the new site unless I did something to really catch their attention,” says Hall, who has appeared in films such as On Fire! and Lust Resorts. “What better way to show Web masters that I want their traffic than getting naked in freezing East Coast weather—not to mention I was almost arrested on several occasions and my photographer threatened to quit several times. Being a Canadian, I thought it would be funny to get naked on Capitol Hill. But don’t take offense—I love America, too!” Don’t worry, Jeremy, America loves you too!