May 27, 2001

Movie Review: SuperCharge


Director: Bobby Dazzler.
Cast: DC Chandler, Jason Hawke, Jake Hart, Jeremy Jordan, Nino Bacci, Rick Mathews, Ryan Scott, Daniel West and Christian Owen.

The latest release from Studio 2000 is noteworthy for two dazzling debuts: stunning cover model DC Chandler (a big hunk of man with a big manly piece) and writer/director Bobby Dazzler (rumored to be an award-winning director working under a new nom de porn). Together, they make SuperCharge one of the year’s must-see videos. In the opening scene, lanky Chandler realizes that he is out of hair gel, so he reaches deep into his medicine cabinet and discovers a jar labeled “Telepathy.” When applied to his handsome head, the gel enables Chandler to read the (dirty) minds of the men surrounding him. This leads to an encounter with a cop (Rick Mathews) who is secretly lusting after Chandler as he writes him a ticket. This first scene is instantly memorable because it is the one in which Chandler unveils his huge, veiny uncut cock. Guys, this you gotta see.

But Chandler doesn’t use his powers only for himself. In the next surprisingly romantic scene, he fixes up buddy Jeremy Jordan with his cute roommate Jake Hart. These two get all sticky sweet and quote song lyrics, but the scene works. Next, Chandler takes a ride on the subway where he reads the mind of Daniel West and is sucked into his erotic adventure with Nino Bacci. This is the most visually inventive scene in the video, and the sex ain’t so bad either.

But things really get interesting when Chandler’s other roommate, tough guy Jason Hawke, gets a hold of the magical hair gel. He uses his powers to bed twinks Ryan Scott and Christian Owen (weak casting in both cases). All this leads up to an intense finale in which Chandler and Hawke vie for supremacy. There is a some amazing videography by Dazzler as Hawke sucks off Chandler in this scene, as there is throughout the video. Dazzler’s script is a clever gay takeoff on Mel Gibson’s What Women Want, and he uses just the right amount of humor to balance the sex. Chandler is a major find, as is Dazzler, and we look forward to seeing more of their supertalents. (Studio 2000)

Reprinted from HX magazine (2001)

May 12, 2001

Porn Star Interview: Matt Summers


When Chi Chi LaRue calls, you better pick up—something hot new bottom Matt Summers learned last summer. That’s when the directing diva discovered him in his hometown of Orlando, Florida, and handpicked him to become an exclusive for her Rascal Video. Summers made his public debut in August at Will Clark’s Bad Boys Pool Party, where he turned heads and drummed up interest in his first screen appearances in Handpicked, Pillage & Plunder: The Movie and Oral Exams. We caught up with this personable 26-year-old aboard this year’s Pillage & Plunder Cruise.

How were you chosen to be an exclusive for Chi Chi’s company?
In July 2001 I was at the Parliament House, Florida’s first and last gay resort. I was having cocktails, and [porn star] Rob Kirk sent the bar boy over to say I was hot. We went to his room and fooled around. He said, “You need to be in porn,” and I said, “Of course I do!” (laughs) Rob told Chi Chi about me and about three weeks later Steven Walker from Channel 1 Releasing called and said to send pictures because Chi Chi was coming to Orlando for a talent search.
What were you doing at the time?
I worked in accounting for eight years.
Did you know anything about the industry?
I didn’t watch gay porn, but I had read a lot about the porn industry. So I knew about a lot of the guys.
Did you think you had a shot at being discovered in the talent search?
I know I am not ugly. I don’t have the biggest dick or the best body, but I have a combination of things that work for me. And I know how to work them. (laughs) Anyway, a friend won the contest, and we all partied until the sun came up. I guess I impressed Chi Chi because two days later I did my first scene with Alec Martinez and Yuri Breshnev.
Tell us about your relationship with Chi Chi.
Chi Chi is the boss. She gets what she wants. Chi Chi is an icon, and I want to make her proud of me.
How would you define your image?
I’m the all-American boy until I am naked, then I become a nasty pig boy.
What sets you apart from other newbies on the scene?
When I am with someone and I am into it, I let loose and really lose control. When I cum it’s like a grand mal seizure. Cum goes everywhere. Stuff goes flying. I’ve had people call 911. I’ve gotten standing ovations.
Many were in awe of your ability to deep-throat superhung Chad Hunt during the Live and Raw Webcast. Tell us your secret.
I refuse to fail. It’s all a matter of finding the right angle. With Chad, I had to be on my knees. The scene we did for Live and Raw was one of the best ever. It was three hours of sucking and fucking. I was nervous about taking Chad, but I always listen to my partner. I am conscious of what he needs and wants.
What is your favorite scene you have done?
The one in Oral Gang Bang. There were 12 guys, all really hot. I was lying on a desk, and they were all fucking my face and all came on my face.
What is your favorite thing to do sexually?
Being made to service, and I love to give head.
What haven’t you done yet?
I want to be in a sling because you are at the mercy of someone else, and that is hot.
Do you have a type?
Yes, manly men with hairy chests.
Top or bottom?
I top in real life. But onscreen, I bottom. I know my role.
Dick size?
Eight inches—long and pretty.
Has your personal life changed since all this has happened? Have you moved to Los Angeles?
No, I still live in Orlando. My family is there. I am buying a home there. And I do have someone I am intimately involved with, but recently that has changed. It is now an open relationship. It’s like I’m single, but with a best friend.
How does it feel to be the hot new porn stud of the moment?
I don’t see myself as being that well known, but it’s exciting. I don’t think I could become a household name, but I guess I could have a following. As celebrities in the gay community, porn stars have a duty. When you take on this job, you can’t ignore the people who purchase the videos and magazines. You take care of those people. I am a nice person. I would never be rude, and that is what is most important.

Reprinted from
HX magazine (2001)

May 11, 2001

Movie Review: Berlin


Director: Hervé Handsome.
Cast: Stefan Karl, Magnus, Michael Kosma, Stefan Hammer, Derik Glenn, Karl Heinz, Alfredo Tobias, Heinze Carsten.

Reality TV takes a new turn with this talky yet original view of Berlin’s seamy underside. Hunky Stefan Karl drives all around the town, giving a twisted tour of the legendary German city. Along the way, he picks up guys and entices them into sexual situations. At a roadside rest stop he convinces cohort Magnus to seduce an innocent bystander and do him right there in the woods. Of course, Karl can’t help but join in. He also reminds Magnus to get the guy to sign a model release when the fun is over! Three other episodes follow, including the introduction of some of Germany’s finest hustlers and the initiation of a slave into Karl’s wacky world. A stunning fourway wraps up the tour and the film. While some may tire of the long driving sequences in which Karl talks to the camera on a variety of topics (in subtitles), patient viewers will be rewarded with some gritty sex that is the real thing. (High Octane 2)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2001)

May 6, 2001

Interview: Director Drew Warner


Drew Warner is on a schedule. “Chi Chi’s been here shooting for Odyssey for the past few days,” he says, referring, of course, to everyone’s favorite drag-queen directress, who has been working at his Sports & Recreation studio in Hollywood. Now, Warner is helping to clean up the New York–style loft, where he also lives, before heading off to an awards ceremony in West Hollywood with LaRue and her porn posse. So he only has an hour to talk. “Chi Chi is always great about being organized and not leaving a mess, unlike some other people,” Warner says, although he stops short of naming the culprits, which is unusual for the outspoken 29-year-old director who has made a fast name for himself in the porn industry.

During the past two years, Warner (pictured above with model Rhett O’Hara) has produced and directed numerous films for his own company—such as Man Trade Solos, which won a GAYVN Award last year for Best Solo Video—and for others, including Exhibition and Gang Bang Jocks for Channel One Releasing’s Mandatory Pictures. He has also won a Grabby Award for Best Newcomer Director. But his initial exposure to the business wasn’t in Los Angeles, even though he was born there. Warner lived in Miami for 11 years, where he got a degree in business management from the University of Miami. It was there that he first got involved in the porn industry.

“I had done a lot of commercial work,” Warner recalls, “shooting mainstream fashion campaigns and other stuff when I was approached at a party in Miami. They needed someone who could shoot some underwater video for a porn movie called South Beach Heat. I didn’t have any problem with shooting the scene, so I did it.”

And what did Warner take away from the controversial Phil St. John production that featured a notorious bareback scene? “Well, I learned everything not to do on a porn movie from that film,” Warner laughs. “And I realized it wasn’t that difficult to produce these kinds of movies from a production point of view. So I decided to head back to L.A. and get involved in the business.”

Something else he got from that movie was his first porn-star boyfriend. “Yeah, I started dating Dax Kelly, a cute blond guy who was in the movie,” Warner admits. “I also had no problem with that!”

As if on cue, Warner’s most recent porn-star boyfriend, Dillon Pierce, calls in on the other line. The couple, who dated for a year and broke up last fall, has maintained a friendship despite an industry that Warner claims would rather see them apart. “I’m doing an interview,” he tells Pierce, “but can I call you tomorrow?” It’s obvious that there are still a lot of warm feelings between the two.

“I learned very quickly that porn is a cannibalistic industry,” Warner continues. “It builds up and creates egos that it tears down just as fast. It is a miniature version of any shark pool. The gay community is very small, and the porn industry is even smaller. It makes it difficult to have a relationship in it. People are not happy with themselves, so they try to make others unhappy. I get slack all the time for being friends and having relationships with my models, but I don’t care.”

So would he get involved with another porn star? “Of course,” he says without hesitation. “I have no problem with a partner having sex with others on film. But if the relationship is unstable, then it’s a problem. But sex is not an issue if you care for and love each other.”

And speaking of porn models, what does Warner look for when casting one of his films? “I look for all-American type guys,” he says, “good-looking, good personality, easygoing. Guys like Dean Phoenix, Corey Summers and Jack Ryan. They are all great.”

And how about some who aren’t so great? “Well, I don’t like models who show up to the set in a rush,” Warner says. “I did one movie with Chase Allen called Locked Up!, and he showed up and all he could say was that he had to be at happy hour by five o’clock. That was all he cared about. I would never work with him again. Some models are just too high maintenance. You just get through the day and then don’t hire them again. Everybody is replaceable. I say, Do your job well and be happy you are there—or you won’t last. I mean why would anyone put up with a bitchy, whiny queen—and then you have to pay ’em too!”

Warner says that in his experience most models who have reputations for being divas don’t deserve the label. But he does have a theory for what makes a successful porn star. “I believe that models should be in it for the sex, not for the money,” he says. “If that is what they want, they shouldn’t be in the business. And it’s not about the acting either. Acting isn’t typically what porn viewers want to see. Most people who watch porn want to see sex. If they want to see acting, they’ll go rent a video at Blockbuster.”

Warner goes on to recount some favorite moments from his sets that sound worthy of a video rental. “We were filming High Desert out in Joshua Tree,” Warner recalls. “It was a big shoot with 10 models and a large crew. There weren’t many places to eat, so every night we would have dinner at the local Sizzler. Well, the second night the waitress was looking at us and asked, ‘Hey, are you guys in a boy band?’ We thought that was hysterical, so we told her, ‘Yeah, we’re filming a music video.’ ”

Then there was the time that leather daddy Cole Tucker gave Warner and crew a good scare. “On the movie MANeuvers: Agony of Victory, Cole was doing one of the vignettes,” Warner says, “and it was the one about water sports, and he had to urinate in a cup. And before, he asked us how far he could go and we said, ‘Just go as far as the law will allow.’ So Cole pisses in the cup, sticks his finger in it and brings the cup up to his mouth, and we really thought he was going to drink it, but instead he put his underwear in it and then wrung it out over his body. My cameraman and I just looked at each other and we were like, ‘Whew, that was a close call!’ ”

Warner describes his own preference in porn as softer and more romantic. “I don’t do real nasty, in-your-face type movies,” he says. This may explain why in a world full of piss-swilling daddies Warner hasn’t ruled out a crossover to the other side of the camera. “I have been thinking of going in front of the camera, showing more of myself than in the past,” Warner admits. “I had hoped to do a scene with Dillon, but that never happened. I used to dance as a go-go boy in Miami Beach 10 years ago. Hey, if it saves me money by being in a scene in one of my movies, why not?” Warner asks with a laugh.

Obviously the bottom line is never far from the mind of this savvy businessman. When Warner isn’t busy producing and directing movies for Sports & Recreation Video—such as the popular Leather Trade solo series, the Open Trench series for the younger fetish fan and the upcoming Poolside With Dean Phoenix and Drew Warner On Location—he works as a videographer for other studios. He also does his own editing and oversees his Web sites, which feature live Web cams and sell merchandise. This doesn’t leave a lot of free time, but Warner isn’t complaining. In fact, he is due at that awards show with LaRue, so it’s time to wrap up the interview. But before he goes, Warner has one last confession: He has never been a big fan of his own industry. “Porn has never turned me on,” he says. “I never watched it. It never did much for me. For me, it’s just a business.”

Reprinted from All-Man magazine (2001)