April 17, 2001

Movie Review: Sex Without Rules


Director: Hoyt Verlooten
Cast: Miles Andrew, Jack Wyman, Sean Storm, Jack Trade, Peter Jones, Skor Michaels, Jerry Bravo, Lane Nathaniel, Bill Skully, Cockwalk, Tommy Haas, Rocco, Alfred Calif “The Cyclop”, Butch Leifer

In the first Mitch Koch thriller of the new millennium, detectives Toothpick Joe Baker (Miles Andrew) and Jack Wyman hunt down lowlifes in the gritty streets of Chicago. Based on Koch’s novel Gay Ransom, Sex Without Rules follows the coppers as they investigate two cases. The first involves fraternity hazing, which leads them to an on-campus party where Sean Storm spills the beans (and more) about what kinky fun the sexy inductees must endure (paddling, bondage, shrimping, butt worship and blindfolding). As the poor things doff their Calvin Klein undies, an orgy ensues and Wyman recites the rules in twangy voice-over (“Your rectum will serve as a manpussy for any member who wants to penetrate you”).

The second case deals with the Rocco Gang, who kidnap the son (adorable Tommy Haas) of a rich industrialist and hold him for $3 million ransom. While they wait for the cash, this nasty crew forces Tommy Boy to suck their dicks and toes, lick their boots and provide golden showers for their pleasure. Torture has never been so hot!

Artfully photographed and inventively conceived, Sex Without Rules offers a touch of quirky comedy with its twisted sex acts. Director Hoyt Verlooten and producer Toby Ross serve up a gritty kinkfest and absorbing story line that will appeal to fetishists and mystery fans, too. But the overbearing true-crime soundtrack will have you begging for mercy. After all, there is only so much punishment we can take. (VideoSpoon)

Reprinted from AllAmericanKink.com (2001)

April 15, 2001

Movie Review: Jackhammer


Director: Uncredited.
Cast: Brett Mycles, Dante, Alex LeMonde, Mycle Roc, Curt Baldwin, Eric Lang, Christian Taylor, Jordan Austin, Tuck Johnson.

They don’t call muscleman Brett Mycles “the jackhammer” for nothing. He certainly knows how to fuck a face, but viewers will have to be patient if they want to see him do just that. The beautifully built stud doesn’t do much of anything in Jackhammer until the final moments when he graciously allows himself to be serviced (think early Billy Herrington). But he does tie the threads of the minimal story line together as the boss of Jackhammer Construction. In four scenes, we see a multitude of attractive men. One couple ogles pictures and videos of Mycles, which leads to a major fuck session. Two co-workers (one is a dead ringer for Ricky Martin, if only he were…never mind) goof off and fuck after the boss man warns them not to. Tuck Johnson (sporting a bizarre Veronica Lake hairdo) gets nasty with a new guy on the job, introducing him to the Brett Mycles dildo. And finally, we get to see the man himself pumping iron, showering and preening in the mirror. Not that it isn’t worth the wait. Mycles is a gorgeous hunk of man, even if his acting and sexual repertoire are limited at this point. Jackhammer boasts some titillating moments, but the scenes tend to drag on for too long and the editing could be tighter—unlike the star’s amazing physique. (Jet Set Men)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2001)