December 1, 2003

Movie Review: Frat Boys...on the Loose, Vol. 9


Director: Paul Barresi.
Cast: Scott Bradley, Kyle Roberts, Cameron Sage, Andy Hunter, Eric Evans, Rick Leon, Scott Curry, Romeo James.

The young frat boys in this long-running series from director Paul Barresi get a much needed boost from some hot tutors. In the first scene, newcomer Rick Leon chows down on Eric Evans’ yummy chest like there is no tomorrow. And who wouldn’t? Bear daddy Evans doesn’t give much educational assistance, but he sure bangs the hell out of Leon. And these two manage a perfectly timed dual cum shot. Good work! Also working nicely together are Scott Bradley and Cameron Sage, who never get around to their math lesson. They do get to some sucking and fucking, with Sage showing off his great body, oversized cock and impressive topping skills. But the hottest scene belongs to Kyle Roberts and Andy Hunter, who seem to be having a grand old time. Big-dicked Hunter fucks like a wild man and delivers an amazing cum shot, as usual. He and the other experienced pros here make the latest Frat Boys...on the Loose worth a look. Barresi keeps the action moving, and the picture looks crisp and clear. Keep the tutors coming! (Regiment Productions)

Reprinted from
Adult Video News magazine (2003)

November 24, 2003

Movie Review: The Innkeeper: Hotel Italia 2


Director: Lucas Kazan.
Cast: Matthias Vannelli, Sasha Byazrov, Vilem Cage, Max Veneziano, Giorgio Salieri, Eric Flower, Mamo Vallicelli, Paolo Tarantino, Michele Luppo, Matt Van Dorn.

Director Lucas Kazan returns to Italy for a stunning sequel to Hotel Italia. This time around, gorgeous hotel owner Sasha Byazrov has his pick of some equally pretty guests. Filmed entirely on location at a beautiful Italian location, The Innkeeper offers five excellent scenes with an impressive cast. Supercute Matt Van Dorn (on loan from Studio 2000) bottoms nicely for hunky Matthias Vannelli. Beefy Vilem Cage and Max Veneziano get busy on a stairway—sucking, fucking and delivering juicy cum shots (though we could do without the gum-chewing!). Byazrov witnesses some sexy doings at his place, but the one man he desires (Michele Luppo) is oblivious to his charms. (In one hysterical sequence, Byazrov attempts to woo Luppo by doing suggestive things with a log. No wonder he fails to win him with these ridiculous moves!) However, Byazrov eventually entices the man of his dreams, but lucky for us he soon dumps him for Vannelli, which makes for the video’s hottest scene. Vannelli has an amazing physique, and he fucks like a dream. The lovely lighting and expert videography only enhance this dynamic duo. The great picture quality makes Kazan’s already attractive men look even more delectable. We can only hope a third visit to Hotel Italia is in the works. (Lucas Kazan Productions)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2003)

October 28, 2003

Movie Review: Out at Last 4: Bazaar


Director: George Duroy.
Cast: Mark Aubrey, Denis Aysner, Pascal Babey, Lucien Barré, Sebastian Bonnet, Henry Bresson, Roman Chaykin, Jeff Daniels, Ion Davidov, Josh Elliot, Joe Koslowski, Pavel Luknar, Brandon Manilow, Robbie Martin, Matt Phillipe, Mirko Polakov, Ken Russel, Danny Sarandon, Andre Sorel, Dano Sulik.

The latest Out at Last from Bel Ami offers another crop of rejected scenes straight from the cutting-room floor. And according to Bel Ami head George Duroy, it’s sort of like a bazaar, because there is something for everyone. Bazaar’s 10 scenes offer the usual assortment of beautiful boys with big uncut cocks, frolicking in the sun and water. Most of the deleted scenes were intended for one of the Frisky Summer videos or SummerCamp, and it is always interesting to see what Duroy deems unworthy. In the onscreen notes, he writes that one episode was rejected because the film was overexposed, but thanks to the miracle of color-correction, we get to enjoy it here for the first time. In another, Duroy says that model Robbie Martin was too clumsy. Well, the boy might be a bit overeager to please, but hey, that’s no reason to deprive the world of his beauty! Jeff Daniels and Danny Sarandon were supposed to film a flip-flop fuck, but some “condom problems” caused that plan to be abandoned, so we only get to see Sarandon on top of things. There are also three lost blowjob sequences and the final footage of superstar Ion Davidov, looking more gorgeous than ever and displaying great chemistry with Dano Sulik. Some unrevealing documentary footage is also inserted in their scene. As usual, the picture quality is great, and Bel Ami devotees will not want to miss these treasures. (Bel Ami)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2003)

October 24, 2003

On the Set Report: Strangers of the Night


Porn entrepreneur Michael Lucas is known for shooting in New York City, and his 22nd film, Strangers of the Night, is no exception. Last fall, Lucas brought his porn sensibilities to a landmark hotel in Chelsea to shoot some of this dark and twisted tale of nocturnal New Yorkers. In a large suite on the sixth floor, Lucas and his crew set up their equipment to film, among other things, a threeway starring newcomers Nicholas Bardem and Adrian Pena, and Lucas himself.

As the late October day begins, videographer Andre Adair is standing on a chair with his camera. A couple of lights with umbrellas are surrounding one of the two beds. Sitting at a table nearby, an on-set photographer, a makeup man and a production assistant peruse a stack of porn magazines as the models begin the oral portion of the scene. First, the two newbies suck off Lucas, who takes part in the scene but also occasionally calls out directions to the crew and whispers instructions to the cast.

After a busy morning of oral sex, Lucas asks for a break. Speaking in his trademark Russian accent, the director immediately shifts gears and starts discussing the relaunch of his Web site and the distribution of his films, all the while naked and hard. Talk about concentration!

Within minutes, Lucas resumes shooting, this time the penetration. First, Pena fucks Bardem. This goes on for about 10 minutes before Lucas says, “Okay, we got it!” Then he is back in the scene, demonstrating the position he is going to be in, while the videographer adjusts himself accordingly. Then Lucas asks for condoms and lube, calls for action and begins topping Pena while Pena sucks Bardem. As the bed begins rocking, Lucas mops his brow and reaches down and does the same for Pena. After a while, he looks at the model and says, “Okay, now you are gonna cum.” Within moments, Pena complies with a nice pop shot.

But the scene isn’t over yet, as Lucas turns his attention to Bardem’s butt. He starts pumping him, then pulls Bardem’s foot, which is already in the air, up to his mouth and begins sucking his toes. When he is done, Lucas takes Bardem’s wet toe and aims it toward Pena’s butt. This scene will be popular with foot fans for sure! After Bardem shoots, Lucas lies on the bed between the models and jacks to climax.

“Very good, guys,” he says when the scene is over. After toweling off, Lucas begins planning the next scene, which will feature Carlos Morales, Andy Hunter and Mario Ortiz, who have already arrived and are filling out their paperwork. The models and crew relax and eat pasta, salad and bread. After lunch, they head up to the roof to shoot the opening-credit sequence. With a beautiful setting sun behind them, the models pose. Off in a corner, Bardem and Pena, fresh from their scene, do an interview that will be used as an extra for the DVD release of Strangers.

The second day of the five-day shoot features a scene with Lucas exclusive Marco Rochelle and newcomer Danny Hunter. This time, the crew has gathered at a duplex apartment in Chelsea and set up in a small bedroom, which is tastefully appointed with books. A fish tank gurgles in the background. As the cast prepares, Lucas absentmindedly taps the glass. “Okay, guys,” he says, “let’s get going.” Rochelle and Hunter start to make out. They are both wearing jeans without underwear, per Lucas’s wishes. As they kiss, he watches the monitor and directs them. Their clothes slowly come off, and Lucas steps in to reposition them, telling Hunter, “so that we can see how big your dick is.”

The models move on to oral and 69. “Okay, lots of foreskin play now,” Lucas commands. During the ass-eating sequence, Lucas tells Adair to get closer, “but don’t lose the focus.” Hunter has a trick up his sleeve. Moving into self-sucking mode, he and Rochelle share his oversize cock. “Yes, that looks beautiful,” Lucas encourages. Realizing that this is a rare opportunity, he asks for plenty of coverage.

Following this, the guys take a break. Hunter sips some water and stretches. “People don’t realize it takes hours to do a scene,” he says. “Before I was in the industry, I thought two guys just had sex and they filmed it!” Now he knows better, and it’s back to work. Hunter fucks Rochelle in two positions before the cum shots fly and the scene is done. It is almost six hours later.

With the day’s filming complete, Lucas takes a moment to explain the origins of Strangers. “My screenwriter, Alex Poole, had an idea for a movie that would be kind of like Alfred Hitchcock meets David Lynch,” he says. “Alex was definitely influenced by films like Vertigo and Mulholland Drive. I liked that idea. Aren’t we all just strangers of the night?”

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2003)

August 1, 2003

Movie Review: Class Reunion


Director: William Higgins.
Cast: Lance Whitman, Blade, Robert Score, Paul Michaels, Ryan Andrews, Aaron Gage, Davin McNeil, Brett Simms, Brian Jeffreys, Giorgio Canali, Ron Howe, Mike Dean, Tim Richards, Lee Stern, Leo Ford, Michael Christopher, Derick Stanton, Cory Adams, David Greyson, Brian Thompson, Scott Roberts.

What porn fan can forget the famous poolside daisy chain that closes William Higgins’ early ’80s video? Thankfully, it is in tact and looking better than ever in this new DVD release. A huge cast of 21 hot men gather for a reunion that turns into one of the most memorable orgies ever captured on film. Superstars Leo Ford, Michael Christopher, Giorgio Canali and Derick Stanton show why they went on to become icons of the early gay-porn industry. And the picture quality of this pre-condom classic looks fresh and bright, probably because the original was shot on film as most movies of that era were. This pioneering epic will have you longing for studs and days gone by; Photo Gallery, Bonus Scene from CatalinaVille featuring Cliff Parker, Cole Tucker, Steve Rambo, Tony Zerega, Antonio and Max Grand. (Catalina Digital)

Reprinted from
Adult Video News magazine (2003)

July 14, 2003

Porn Star Interview: Jeremy Jordan


Jeremy Jordan may look young, but he knows his way around the porn industry. The petite (5 foot 8, 135 pounds) 24-year-old has made more than 20 films since he first started working for Falcon Studios in 1999. After two and a half years—and such hit films as Hard to Hold, No Way Out, Thrusted and Out of Athens (which won him a GAYVN Award for Best Group Scene)—Jordan walked away from his exclusive contract with Falcon and began working for other top studios. Recent projects include The Scout Club and SuperCharge for Studio 2000. He also took some time out to meet and date his porn-star boyfriend, Jason Hawke (pictured, above). Together, they star in Falcon’s latest epic, Deep South: The Big and the Easy. Although Jordan lives in Hollywood with Hawke, we recently caught up with the smooth, blond-haired, blue-eyed cutie when he was taking a much-needed break in his native Canada.

Jeremy, you look so young and innocent. How did you end up in this business?
Well, I never wanted to become a porn star. I just needed money.
You are originally from Canada?
Yes, I was born and raised in Canada. But some things in my life weren’t going the way I wanted, so I moved to Kentucky to be with some friends. It was definitely different there. It was like living with hillbillies! I was there for less than a year. While there, I needed money, and a friend said, “Why don’t you do porn?” I had thought of it before.
Really? At what age?
I was living in Toronto, and I thought of it when I was 17. I was just a horny boy, but I never thought I could get into it. I didn’t think I was good-looking enough. Then in the U.S. I learned more about it. I called Falcon and sent some pictures, and they called me a week later. I didn’t have an interview or anything. Falcon just flew me out to San Francisco and put me in my first movie, Hard to Hold.
Those must have been some really good pictures you sent!
Well, they were some nude pictures. (laughs)
Who took them?
My ex-boyfriend took the pictures, but he didn’t know what they were for.
Was he supportive when he found out?
Kinda. He wanted me to strip and be a dancer, but I didn’t want to be a stripper.
Were you nervous about being in a film?
I was so nervous, I was shaking. When I got on the set, I was very quiet. And because I am so little, I looked about 10 years old! Everyone was staring at me. The guys in the scene were all huge!
Tell us about the scene in Hard to Hold.
Well, there was a French guy, and he was huge! I was horny and looking for a good fuck that day, but I almost passed out. He and another guy fucked the shit out of me. It was fun, but hard work too. After the first scene, I thought, if they want me back, I will do more. I enjoyed it. Once I got into porn, there was boys and sex everywhere. There were lots of dick around me, which I like.
Have you always been a bottom?
Well, before porn, I didn’t really know what top or bottom was. I had had sex, just not that much anal.
When did you start having sex?
When I was about 14 with guys.
And when was the first time you bottomed?
I guess when I was about 16. The first movie I made though, I knew I was gonna get topped. I was scared. I didn’t know the process. I had never been naked in front of that many people before! But it went really well. It was hot. Falcon is great in that they really take care of their models.
Then you worked with Billy Brandt in No Way Out. He has a bit of a reputation as a bad boy. What did you think of him?
Billy was nice, and I think he liked working with me.
And he even bottomed for you in that movie. How did that come about?
[Director] John Rutherford asked me to do it, and Billy agreed. They never used the scene though until No Way Out came out on DVD.
And now you are back with Falcon for Deep South. How was that?

We had a good time filming that one. I am in three scenes: one group scene, one threeway with Josh Weston and Jack Ryan, and I also did a solo scene.
How did you like shooting in New Orleans?
New Orleans was so freaking hot and humid, but we loved it. Jason and I went to a bar there and met these strippers, and we ended up sucking them off in the bathroom. The boys there are dirty! (laughs)
Is there a certain type of guy that turns you on?
I like young guys, between the ages of 18 and 30. I like smooth or trimmed bodies, but sexually, I can be dirty. I like all kinds of stuff.
What is your favorite thing to do?
I definitely like to bottom. I get off on getting fucked.
Have you always been a porn fan?
Yeah, I have watched all kinds of gay porn.
You’ve done a lot of group scenes. Do you enjoy doing them?
I have done so many that I can’t even count them! I feel they are easier. It’s more like real sex. The spotlight isn’t just on you. You can get more into it because there is more to do—you know, you can grab a dick here, grab a dick there.
Had you had group sex before?
No, I was pretty young and naive in Canada. I was 20 when I left, so once in a while I would go to Toronto for fun, but on camera was the first time I had group sex. I thought it was hot.
Are you comfortable with your twink image?
No, I don’t like the twink image. It’s all good for the viewers, but I don’t consider myself a flaming twink queen or anything.
How does your boyfriend, Jason Hawke, feel about your image?
Well, he doesn’t really like it.
How did you guys meet?
We met on a porn set. He had heard about me a week before and said he wanted to fuck me, so Chi Chi LaRue set us up to do a scene in The Violation 2: Surrender. She was our matchmaker. The second Jason walked in, from that moment, we were together. We talked until two in the morning; we didn’t even have sex! We just hit it off. I thought, this boy is incredible! Since then, we have never left each other.
And how long has that been?
We have been together for two years and four months.
Is it tough with you both being porn stars?
Well, there are always people calling. It does take its toll, but we talk everything out. We tell each other everything. I know what he likes and he knows what I like. We are both young, so we don’t put limits on ourselves.
And are you monogamous off-screen?
Well, we try to be, but I have had a couple of adventures while I was away.
Tell us about one.
Okay, so I went to an adult bookstore back home, and the kid behind the counter was so cute. But he was straight, I thought. But he was looking at me. It was just before closing, so I rented my movie and we talked. He asked where I was from, then he asked, “Do you want to see my shaved pubes?” and he pulled down his pants. I didn’t know what to do! I just touched his dick and said it was nice, and I left. I called Jason and told him what happened. He said, “No one gets an opportunity like that! Go for it!” I said, “Well, I had to ask you first.” Anyway, I went back to the store and the guy followed me to the back. Then, he just grabbed my arm and pulled me down, and I went down on him. He jerked off on the floor, but before I left, his girlfriend called! (laughs)
Do you think he knew who you were?
No, he didn’t. After we had sex, I showed him one of my box covers and he couldn’t believe it was me.
Is Jason your favorite co-star?
Of course! (laughs) I love working with him.
Think you’ll continue in the industry?
I am having so much fun doing porn. I feel like I have done it all, but I still want to keep working. In the future, I hope to choose more projects that I like. We’ll see.

Reprinted from All-Man magazine (2003)

July 13, 2003

Porn Star Interview: Rod Rockhard


Originally from: Las Vegas
Age: 30
Height: 6’ 1"
Weight: 185
Distinguishing features: “I am a kind, compassionate guy who has lots of love to give—and no attitude.”
Tattoos/piercings: “My right nipple is pierced with a gold ring, and I have a band tattoo around my right arm.”
Penis size: 11 inches, uncut
Sexual orientation: Gay
Ethnic background: African-American
Education: High school
Relationship status: “Single for the moment. Know anyone?”
First adult performance: Packin’ Loads (Raging Stallion Studios)
Subsequent performances: Take It Like a Man (Raging Stallion Studios)
What did you do before getting into porn? “I worked full-time at one of the casinos in Las Vegas.”
How did you get into the industry? “I was vacationing in Los Angeles, and I met porn star Michael Brandon, who got me an audition with Raging Stallion. I owe my debut in porn to him.”
How did you get your name? “Rod is part of my real name. As for Rockhard, boys always referred to my thick dick as being hard as a rock. It’s a name that describes me perfectly.”
What’s the dirtiest/sexiest thing you’ve ever done? “I was in a mall, and I saw this hot guy with his girlfriend. I stared at him and watched him leave her to shop. The guy followed me to my car. This white dude took all of my black meat. I loved giving him what his girl never could. He married that girl and still calls me!”
Most memorable on-screen performance: “I loved watching Michael Soldier choke on my big dick while filming Take It Like a Man.”
Most memorable on-set performance not captured on tape: “Winning first place in a contest on the Mutiny and Mayhem Cruise for having the biggest cock.”
Favorite co-star? “All of them are memorable and special.”
Favorite sex act/position: “Face down, ass up!”
What are your long-term goals? “I want to continue making movies and becoming more well known in the industry. I hope to direct and produce hot porn in the future and have my own production company. I already have a name picked out; it’s gonna be called RodRockhard at Large.”

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2003)

July 8, 2003

Porn Star Interview: Zach Jayden


Originally from:
Age: 27
Height: 5’ 10’’
Weight: 155
Distinguishing features: Besides his perfect butt, Jayden stunned director Michael Lucas by delivering a whopping five cum shots in his first scene.
Tattoos/piercings: “No tattoos, but my belly button is pierced.”
Penis size: 7 inches, cut
Sexual orientation: Gay
Ethnic background: “I am part Greek and part Irish.”
Education: “I have a B.A. in business.”
Relationship status: Single
First adult performance: Hunt and Plunge (Lucas Entertainment)
Subsequent performances: Sexpload (Enrico Vega Productions)
What did you do before getting into porn? “I worked in landscape construction.”
How did you get into the industry? “I had always fantasized about being in a porn movie, so when I saw a casting ad for Lucas Entertainment, it seemed like the perfect chance. I went to an audition, got naked and got my first movie.”
How did you get your name? “I always thought that Zach, the kid from Saved By the Bell, was cute. I kinda had a crush on him. So that is where I got the name Zach, and Jayden just came out of the blue.”
What’s the dirtiest/sexiest thing you've ever done? “Well, one time in college, I got fucked in the quad by two lacrosse players. Now that was hot!”
Most memorable on-screen performance: “Definitely my scene with Chad Hunt. That was a lot of fun.”
Most memorable on-set performance not captured on tape: “Well, I don’t want to give away too much, but prepping for that scene was also a lot of fun.”
Favorite co-star? “Who else? Chad Hunt, an easygoing guy with an amazing dick.”
Favorite sex act/position: “Bottoming is my favorite—and getting it from both ends. I would love to be double penetrated.”
What are your long-term goals? “Oh, who knows? Just say that I’m in it for the fun!”

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2003)

June 18, 2003

Movie Review: Nasty Nasty


Director: Jett Blakk.
Cast: Jason Ridge, Rob Romoni, Alex Leon, Sal Correlli, Paul Johnson, Andrew Addams, Doug Jeffries.

Hot on the heels of Thor Stephans’ Sex Psycho, along comes Nasty Nasty, another gay-porn tribute to the master of the macabre Alfred Hitchcock. However, director Jett Blakk seems to be more influenced by the early work of Brian De Palma (think Sisters) and the 1973 horror film Wicked Wicked than by Hitch. Supercute Jason Ridge plays twins who are separated at birth. One becomes a hairdresser while the other owes money to the mob—or something like that. (Hitchcock’s MacGuffin theory is as true today as it was when he created it.) Ridge starts things off with a rousing split-screen jack-off session, as both twins greet the day with a bang. He (as the evil twin) then proceeds to have steamy flip-flop sex with Paul Johnson in a rest stop. This scene is a highlight, as both men deliver sweaty performances and stunning cum shots. There are a couple of other scenes (a threeway with Andrew Addams, Doug Jeffries and Alex Leon; an okay fuck with a wooden Rob Romoni and cute Sal Correlli), but the entire DVD leads up to the final sequence in which Ridge literally fucks himself. Again, Blakk is borrowing a page from Jerry Douglas’s 1996 classic Flesh & Blood, in which Kurt Young fucked himself to better effect. (Some DVD-extra footage reveals the identity of Ridge’s body double.) But Nasty Nasty is still ambitious and inventive fun; too bad it gets tangled in its own plot devices and ends on a muddled, unsatisfying note. And even the good transfer and multiple extras won’t change that. (Red Devil Entertainment)

Reprinted from
Adult Video News magazine (2003)

June 15, 2003

Movie Review: Frat Boys...on the Loose, Vol. 6


Director: Paul Barresi.
Cast: Anthony Holloway, Dante Foxxx, Eduardo, Gavin Braun, Deacon Frost, Thomas Bond, Ryan Chandler.

Those wild frat boys are once again on the loose, this time in volume six of director Paul Barresi’s popular series. Supercute Anthony Holloway (pictured above) and Latin hunk Dante Foxxx start the fun and dispel the notion that porn stars don’t read books. In the first scene, Holloway is intently studying the subject of the male physique when Foxxx offers him a real-life lesson. They move from kissing to oral as Foxxx savors Holloway’s large and lovely piece. Gavin Braun watches from the sidelines then steps in to pound Holloway’s equally lovely ass. (Actually, it’s unfortunate that Braun tops here as his own butt is a sight to behold!) This energetic scene sets a high standard that the three following ones don’t quite match. Foxxx moves on to an interminable fuck session with papi Eduardo. Next, Foxxx fares a bit better when he eats ass and tops handsome Deacon Frost at the gym. Finally, professor Thomas Bond teaches a thing or two about 69ing and flip-flop fucking to Ryan Chandler, a cute guy with a big, ugly tattoo. The average production values and ho-hum pacing will make you wish that Barresi hadn’t shot his entire wad in the fabulous opening sequence, but newcomer Foxxx bears watching while Holloway proves himself to be a star of the future. (Regiment Productions)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2003)

June 14, 2003

Movie Review: Mark Dalton and Friends


Director: Uncredited.
Cast: Mark Dalton, Ben Harrison, Jarda Kolar, Dylan, Jirua Kallopa.

Pacific Sun Entertainment packs up five of its hottest models, including superstar Mark Dalton, and films separate photo shoots for each in abandoned barns and houses. The opening credits tell us that the shoots took place off the highways of America, where hot desert winds blow and pesky insects (some “killer bees” that terrorize Dalton in one funny outtake) rule. Dalton’s foray into reality TV (besides being stung by a bee, he has an unsightly tag ripped from his underwear by an overzealous stylist) gives viewers a look behind the image of this beautiful all-American boy. We learn that it’s not all about glamour but also hard work and sacrifice. Dalton, who looks especially beefy in his scene, is joined by gorgeous Jarda Kolar, who doesn’t speak much English and entirely misses the photographer’s reference to Gene Simmons’ tongue; Jirua Kallopa, also new to the United States and, it seems, to saddles as he keeps slipping off the one he is posing on; Ben Harrison shows off a nice bod and hot cock that sticks straight up; and Dylan, a dark, moody stud who jacks off in a barn setting. As anyone who has ever been to a photo shoots knows, it gets very old very fast. Luckily, these photo shoots turn into jack-off sessions. Each stud delivers a juicy cum shot, and there is some exciting crosscutting among the guys as they work toward orgasm. Unfortunately, the scenes tend to drag and boredom sets in long before the pop shots do, but fans of hot bodybuilder types will be satisfied with this attractive bunch. (Pacific Sun Entertainment)

Reprinted from
Adult Video News magazine (2003)

May 10, 2003

On the Set Report: Top to Bottom


Michael Lucas is talking on the phone as much of the cast and crew of his latest film, Top to Bottom, gather at his West Village apartment. The onetime Falcon exclusive, now a New York–based producer/director, is preparing to shoot an orgy scene later that night. It will be the centerpiece of the film, his eighth produced in Manhattan, his adopted home since leaving Moscow four years ago. As Lucas gives the address of the location to a model on one phone, his cell phone rings and the doorbell chimes simultaneously. Such is the life of a busy multi-hyphenate.

As Lucas juggles the phones and the door, the models acquaint themselves and begin filling out release forms. After Lucas hangs up, he explains that tonight’s scene is one of the last in a five-day shoot. “Top to Bottom is about a top guy who is looking for a bottom,” he says in his still-thick accent. “Then he decides to give bottoming a try.” Looking sexy in a tank top, sandals and stubble, Lucas seems to have taken well to his new career as a director. “I like to control,” he says. “I like to do my own thing.”

And one thing he still likes to do is perform: Top to Bottom will feature a scene between the director and David Pierre. But Lucas doesn’t think of the role as a comeback. “My distributor [IMD] asked me if I would be in it,” he says sheepishly. “She says it helps sell tapes.” There is no arguing with the box office appeal of this full-lipped foreigner who learned from Jean Daniel Cadinot and Falcon’s finest. But he has made the most of his name, parlaying it into a thriving production company.

But the time for talk is over; it’s now time to make porn. The cast and crew head to an art gallery on the waterfront in Chelsea. Entering the building, they learn that the elevators are out and walk up six flights. Soon, there are seven models—including Lucas favorites Chad Hunt, Mitch Ryder and Erik Martins—milling about, waiting for instructions. As cell phones chirp occasionally in the background, the guys look at the exhibit of early-American paintings while videographer Michael Clift sets up the lights.

Lucas arrives on the set and immediately sends a production assistant out to buy water, juice, cups and paper towels. “Okay, guys, turn off your cell phones,” he says. It is 9pm, and they are finally ready to begin. Lucas asks the cast to line up as he and Clift plan the camera work and arrange the models: several guys sit and lie on a mattress, two others enter through a door. Let the cocksucking begin! Lucas directs from the sidelines, constantly reminding the models to be more verbal. He conducts their moans like an orchestra. “More noise!” he commands.

Clift hops onto a desk to get a shot from above. Lucas circles, surveying the scene with his arms folded. After a lengthy blowjob sequence, it’s time to move on to some ass-eating. The models are all sweaty but getting into the action. The next setup calls for them to climb a metal bookshelf and do more cocksucking and buttmunching in some less-than-comfortable positions.

At 10:30pm, they take a break, then Lucas asks the models to pair up. The crew breaks out the condoms and lube. They even clean the bottoms of the guys’ feet with paper towels. “Okay, everyone get hard,” says Lucas nonchalantly. Several minutes later, they are deep into the fucking. Occasionally, the production assistants give the guys water and mop their sweat. One PA holds a light for close-ups of the penetration shots. This goes on for nearly 40 minutes, then it’s time for the cum shots. All the guys line up and jerk off, touching and kissing, egging one another on to orgasm. One by one, they shoot. Clift captures every last drop.

As the guys begin dressing, Lucas writes the checks. “It was good,” he smiles, “very good.” The models have some more water and bid Lucas good-night. It’s just after midnight on a Sunday; they are tired but exhilarated as they hit the deserted streets and walk west, hailing cabs for home. The night’s work is done…it’s okay to turn their cell phones back on.

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2003)

April 12, 2003

Movie Review: Sex Psycho


Director: Thor Stephans.
Cast: Derek Cameron, Jason McCain, Gregg Rockwell, Jon Ashe, Paul Johnson, Ben Archer, Sal Corelli, Robert Harvey.

If Alfred Hitchcock had been a gay porn director, Sex Psycho is the movie he might have made. From its opening moments—complete with swirling Hitchcockian music and a Vertigo-esque credit sequence—this video is a true treat for movie lovers. Ever-sexy Derek Cameron (pictured, top) plays a lost young man (as blond as a typical Hitchcock heroine) who is being stalked by a leather stud. In flashback, we learn that Derek has sexually induced blackouts, which might explain why he wakes up naked by the sea. Following a hot session with daddy Ben Archer, Derek decides to get help for his problem from shady Dr. McCain (Jason McCain, crossing over from the straight side, dressed in a silly bow tie and glasses). The good doctor puts Derek into a group-therapy session where a bunch of horny guys discuss their own sexual proclivities. Paul Johnson loves public sex and lapses into a steamy fantasy sequence about smoldering Jon Ashe. Gregg Rockwell has prolonged penile erections, which is perfect for his rooftop jack-off session leading to a nice encounter with photographer Robert Harvey. Sal Corelli compares his sex life to a “crazy acid trip,” which is exactly what he gets when the same leather stud that is stalking Derek gives him a good pounding. Coincidence? We won’t spoil the surprise ending, but you will have fun trying to figure it out. You will also be turned on, because director Thor Stephans has included some intense sex scenes along with the entertaining story. He has also gotten a great performance from Cameron, who after many years in the industry, is still stunningly handsome and sucks cock better than anyone. We even like his cute furry chest! As a gay porn star, McCain doesn’t fare as well, and as for his body, let’s just say that he has the physique of a straight porn star. Anyway, some of the scenes seem a bit dragged out, and the more than two-hour running time is excessive, but Rock Hard’s suspenseful score helps to keep things interesting. Sex Psycho will have you on edge in more ways than one. (Thor Productions/Arena Entertainment)

Reprinted from
Adult Video News magazine (2003)

March 28, 2003

Movie Review: Defined


Directors: Chi Chi LaRue, Kris Weston, John Rutherford.
Cast: Matthew Rush, Joe Foster, Eric Leneau, Addison Scott, Arpad Miklos, Robert Balint, Jeremy Jordan, Jason Law, Austin Larsen, Jeremy Penn, Roland Dane.

Talk about high concept! In Defined, three of Falcon’s top directors give visual definitions of words from everyday life. For example, Chi Chi LaRue tackles “Thrust,” “Friction” and “Seduce.” Kris Weston takes on “Power,” and John Rutherford goes deep with “Penetrate.” Don’t worry, the video is better than the concept.

In LaRue’s first sequence, “Thrust,” Matthew Rush and Joe Foster perform in a definitive Falcon scene. It’s all there—the vibrant colors, gorgeous videography, fabulous lighting, smooth models bordering on perfection and that old beat-up pickup in the background. This scene is a stunner, and so is Rush, more beautiful than ever and displaying an energy and commitment that was lacking in some of his earlier work. LaRue also does nicely with Robert Balint and Jeremy Jordan in the “Friction” sequence, though these two are more the definition of opposites. The beefy Balint nearly overwhelms the tiny Jordan, but somehow their pairing works. Jason Law and Austin Larsen aren’t a great match either (the younger man/older man thing), but they do flip-flop nicely.

Weston’s “Power” scene features a great threeway as Addison Scott and Arpad Miklos take on Eric Leneau in a boxing ring at the gym. There is some sweaty, manly action here, and once again, the visuals are eye-popping. John Rutherford’s “Penetrate” scene is more ordinary, with Jeremy Penn and Roland Dane making it in a tasteful bedroom. Penn, looking more mature and surprisingly soft, starts off the scene stating that “nobody fucks me,” but that doesn’t last long as great Dane tops him for much of the scene. There are some intense penetration shots here, and Dane delivers a terrific pop shot, but those anticipating Penn as a bottom might be disappointed as he spends too much time telling Dane to take it “slow.”

Defined doesn’t bring any new meaning to these words, but the accomplished directors provide typically fine Falcon fare, and the first-rate models are certainly fun to watch. (Falcon Studios)

Reprinted from
Adult Video News magazine (2003)

March 24, 2003

Movie Review: Stiff Security


Director: Max Julien.
Cast: Edmundo Castro, Julio Vidal, Roberto Aguilar, Ivan de Morais, Hugo Toledo, Emerson Prata, Alfonso Ribeiro, Sidney Sampaio, Jorge Rios, Renato de Giorgio, Chang Ling.

Who said making porn is easy? As if undependable talent, big egos and a small budget aren’t bad enough, the fictional director in Stiff Security, the latest from Max Julien and Marcostudios, also has to deal with muggy weather, bugs and security problems. Shot entirely on location in Brazil, Stiff Security has the director (played with comedic skill by Chang Ling in a nonsexual role) solve one of these problems by hiring straight guards to patrol his locations. (Turns out that the gay ones caused too much trouble on his last film.) Little does he know that these guys are about as straight as Ricky Martin.

Anyway, throughout the video, the director offers his narrative in voice-over (there are also subtitles), telling exactly what he had to overcome to get the scene done. First, three hotties battle mosquitoes on the set, but luckily “an aggressive top and a hungry bottom” save the day. This scorching threeway sets the standard for the rest of the video. Julien has once again found the hottest men Brazil has to offer, and their sex together is gritty and realistic. There’s even a juicy cum facial.

In the second scene, the director confides that he decided to pair a newcomer with a veteran star, but unfortunately, the vet turned up in not the best shape. The guy looks fine to us—he’s a big, hairy bear type—and the scene winds up being fun and diverse as the models flip-flop and shoot nice loads. By scene three, the guards are getting turned on by all the sexcapades surrounding them. One guard slips off for a liaison with a couple of the models. Next, two depressed guards (one lost his job, the other his woman) need some release, so they decide to jack off together, but they are accosted by two men with a gun who force them to suck and fuck each other. The guards manage to turn the tables and force the interlopers to do the same. This is an entertaining scene with many big cocks and copious cum shots.

Finally, when the beleaguered director decides to throw in the towel on his film, the guards come to the rescue and star in the movie themselves—after hearing how much more money they will be making, of course. Stiff Security is a witty sex comedy that will appeal to those in search of hot ethnic men and a few laughs. The scenes move along at a brisk pace, and creative editing keeps things interesting. It offers a look behind behind-the-scenes hype. But more important, the sex and men are hot! (Marcostudio/IMD)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2003)

March 19, 2003

Porn Star Interview: Doug Jeffries


Doug Jeffries is making his mark on the porn industry—both in front of and behind the camera. Since his debut in 1996 in All Worlds Videos’ Why Marines Don’t Kiss, the 37-year-old screen stud has appeared in more than 350 films. In 2000, All Worlds gave Jeffries the opportunity to direct his own script, Untamed. Then last year, Studio 2000 signed Jeffries to direct movies for them. Now prepping Working Stiff 2 as a director and appearing in John Travis’ Stiff as a Board as a model, Jeffries recently took some time out to speak with us from the Studio 2000 offices in Los Angeles.

How did you make the transition from model to director?
[All Worlds Video owner] Rick Ford and I go way back. He even named me! Rick asked me to direct. I had been writing scripts for some of Chi Chi LaRue’s movies for Vivid. I wrote a gay script called Untamed. Rick really liked the script, and he said, “Direct it.” I said, “Let me think about it.” He said, “No, direct it!”
What made you hesitate?
I didn’t think I had the skill to direct. I had assisted Chi Chi on set, and being in so many movies, I learned a lot from seeing others direct. But it wasn’t until I worked with Scott Masters and John Travis at Studio 2000 that I felt I really started learning the technical side. I knew I could do the personality part, dealing with the boys, but the other part made me hesitate.
How did you get into the business originally?
I had been working as a teacher in Boston. Then I moved to Las Vegas. I came to L.A. and [porn star] Logan Reed saw me. He introduced me to an agent.
Had you considered porn before?
I was toying with the idea of doing porn. Then this opportunity came up. It was thrown in my face, so I sent pictures to the agent.
And the rest is history!
It was sort of a roller-coaster ride. I almost didn’t do it. I was sitting in the airport, waiting to go do my first movie, and I thought, “I’m not gonna get on that plane.” I never thought it would blossom into what it did and extend even further.
How did the Studio 2000 deal come about?
Scott Masters saw Untamed and called me at the All Worlds Resort in Palm Springs, where I was working, and offered me a job. I said that I was loyal to All Worlds, and he understood. Then I left there and moved back to L.A. and was free to accept his offer. I have directed four movies for Studio 2000. I just did one in Spain called Deep Plunge for our international line. And now I am also publicity/promotions manager.
Was that a tough job to tackle?
Not really. I already knew everyone I needed to from when I was roommates with Chi Chi.
Tell us about your relationship with Miss LaRue.
I met Chi Chi through working with All Worlds. She cast me in a movie for Mustang. I stayed at her house. It was a crazy time. Sometimes I was doing two movies a day! I was in all her movies, then she asked me to be her assistant. I made all those connections through her.
Were you influenced by her directing style?
Totally. A lot of my style is similar to Chi Chi’s.
What do you like about being a director?
As a model, I loved seeing my image on the screen. Now, as a director, I love seeing my vision transformed from the page. I also appreciate the entirety of the project—the editing, the music. Seeing the finished product is such a thrill! I get an inner excitement and energy when I am directing. I can’t contain myself.
Do you still want to keep performing as well?
There are projects I still want to do. I mean if a fisting movie comes up for Hot House, then I am there. I still like the hard-edge stuff. And I love doing personal appearances. I was an actor/singer/dancer before porn, so I love stripping, signing autographs, meeting the fans.
After 350 movies, how do you keep it fresh?
I just did a 3-D specialty video with Michael Zen, and I’ve done fisting movies with Steven Scarborough. Those are experiences that are exciting to me and where I can learn a lot from other directors, and I am so thankful to Studio 2000 for this chance. Learning still turns me on. That is how I keep it fresh!

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2003)

February 28, 2003

On the Set Report: Vengeance 2


Audiences love mobsters. Just look at the mega-success of The Sopranos on TV and The Godfather trilogy at the movies. And porn viewers are no different. Director Michael Lucas discovered that a couple of years ago when his film Vengeance, a tale of Russian gangsters gone gay, turned out to be one of his company’s most popular productions. Now, Lucas and his New York–based crew are back on familiar turf with the filming of the much anticipated sequel, Vengeance 2.

For several days last February, Lucas Entertainment shot its latest video primarily in a loft space in Manhattan. On day one, there is much activity as everyone preps for the first scene. A renowned set designer, who has worked on major mainstream films, and his assistant are setting up the sleek Art Deco set that will serve as crime boss Lucas’s office. Photographer Mick Hicks arrives with pal Jack Ryan, who has replaced another model at the last minute.

Much of this first day is spent on dialogue. There is much attention to the lighting, the set and Lucas’s elegant designer suit. He is supposed to be smoking a cigar in the scene but doesn’t seem to appreciate the taste and asks an assistant to light it for him. When it comes time to film the scene, Lucas puffs away and promptly flubs the names of the models. He quickly asks for a retake. After several more takes, he gets the names right, and the scene is done.

For day two of shooting, the cast and crew have moved to a duplex apartment in Chelsea. For today’s scene, Latin stud Alec Martinez is paired with the lanky Ryan. After posing for stills with Hicks in the living room upstairs, the models retire to the bedroom below for the scene. They strip and get into position on the bed. Lucas looks at the monitor intently and gives them directions. Soon, the guys are moving from oral to anal, with Martinez moaning on the bottom as Ryan pounds him. During a break, Ryan lightens the mood, catching a glimpse of himself in the monitor and coyly asking, “Do my eyes look pretty?” Videographer Andre Adair soon reminds Lucas, “We’re losing the light.” Lucas responds, “Okay, guys, let’s go.” There are more condoms, lube, and finally cum shots.

Everyone is back on the office set for day three. Newcomer Richard Black (who will later sign on as the second Lucas exclusive) is pacing in a black Armani suit. He chats in a British accent with Andrew Addams, who is cast in a part that is sure to create more controversy for Lucas. Last May, the director caused a stir at the Grabby Awards in Chicago by making some off-the-cuff comments about a certain Hollywood agent. Addams happens to be playing a Hollywood agent, this one of the sleazy variety who wears loud Hawaiian shirts. In the scene, Black drags Addams through a door and deposits him before Lucas, who proceeds to verbally abuse then physically degrade the agent. The entrance is filmed numerous times before Lucas is pleased with the take and ready to move on.

On day four, eight models gather in the loft to shoot the main orgy sequence. By 11am, they have all been prepped and outfitted in tight underwear. Lucas calls them together to film a round-table discussion that will be a DVD extra, along with some watersports scenes. The topic is escorting, and Lucas takes on the role of a porn Oprah with ease. We learn that sometimes clients become friends, porn stars can maintain long-term relationships and that married men are a turn-off! Who knew?

Finally, it’s time to film the orgy. In the script, the first Lucas exclusive Marco Rochelle is playing host. He welcomes in five of the models—including Chad Hunt, Tag Adams and Jay Black—and they begin making out. They are soon joined by the others. The oral part of the scene moves along briskly. As Lucas watches the monitor, he tells the models to make more noise. “Let me hear it, guys,” he commands. “And play with that foreskin!” The action stops briefly so Hicks can do some photos, both hard- and soft-core. One model notices that three construction workers on a neighboring rooftop have a direct view into the loft. Lucas realizes that they are getting an eyeful, but he has a scene to shoot. Always a stickler for details, he wipes the bottoms of the models’ feet before they begin again. Then it’s on to the ass-eating and fucking. The models go at it for almost three hours until the last drop of cum has flown.

“This was definitely our most stylish production,” says Lucas several months later, speaking from the set of the next two videos in his best-selling Fire Island Cruising series. “The guys were all dressed in Armani and Valentino suits. Our budget was four times the amount of the first Vengeance movie, and it will show on the screen. The viewers will see it, along with the usual hot, masculine guys. This is my best work in Manhattan, and we had a lot of fun making it.” As for the brouhaha last spring with that agent, Lucas is unfazed. “We did a shot of the agent in a heap of garbage for the video, and that is where he belongs!”

Spoken like a true mob boss.

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2003)

February 14, 2003

Porn Star Interview: Sam Tyson


It’s hard to believe, but supercute newcomer Sam Tyson left behind the glamorous world of magazine publishing to become a porn star. It wasn’t too long ago that the 28-year-old blond was toiling as the publisher of a gay magazine in Los Angeles. But when that ended about a year ago, the timing seemed right for the Salt Lake City native to leap onto the pages of a magazine. Following numerous photo shoots and three videos, this former Mormon and altar boy is now preparing for his first-ever live appearance at Stonewall on February 14, 2003. “I’m having a blast,” said Tyson in a recent interview from his home in West Hollywood. “New York is going to be my Valentine this year.” Any takers?

Sam, I know the magazine business is tough, but this is ridiculous!
Yeah, before all this happened, I was working as the publisher of Hero magazine. When we couldn’t get investors, I figured it was time to do what I really wanted.
First, some background. You were born and raised as a Mormon?
Yes, I was born in Utah and blessed into the church when born, then my family converted to Catholicism. I had a strict upbringing, but my parents were Jack Mormons, which means they were a bit more relaxed.
What were their attitudes toward sex?
Very conservative. It was all very Beaver Clever. Sex was hush-hush. It was all behind closed doors.
Were you always attracted to men?
Yeah, I found a copy of Playgirl when I was five, and I was thinking, damn, those guys are hot! Not in those terms, but that’s what was in my mind.
You have described yourself as an exhibitionist. Were you always?
No, I was overweight and unpopular as a kid, but I had the desire to change and reinvent myself. It became a project to work out, eat right and get healthy. I started becoming more comfortable with my sexuality. I never got to show off when I was younger, so I wanted to do that stuff.
So you moved to West Hollywood!
Right. At first I was intimidated by L.A. because it was all about looks and image, but then I started working on myself, and it’s been good for me. I started finding the best of myself.
So what was that first step toward porn?
After the magazine folded, I was online one day and started chatting with a photographer. I decided to take some pictures and play with that energy I had resisted. Then I met [director] Chi Chi LaRue and [agent] David Forest in the same week. That was a turning point. Chi Chi basically said, “You’ve got what it takes.”
And that helped you decide?
No, I had decided to do it before I met them. I had watched a lot of porn and done my homework. When Chi Chi offered me a scene, I jumped at the chance.
And what scene was that?
That was for the video 2. Adam Wolfe played a cop, and I bottomed for him.
Were you nervous?
I was really nervous, but we shot it right in Chi Chi’s living room, and she helped me to relax.
What came next?
I did Goldenrod for Studio 2000, which was a flip-flop scene with Johnny Brosnan. He’s fantastic. Then I did The Hole for Jet Set. In that one I was fucked by Jason Adonis and directed by Wash West. It was amazing.
And now you are taking on live performing.
Yes, my appearance at Stonewall is a new thing. I have danced on boxes in clubs but never something like this. I can’t wait.
What can our readers expect to see?
I’ve only been to Stonewall once, so I’m not even sure what to expect! But I know it will be fun to take it off for New York City on Valentine’s Day.
While we are on the subject, what makes a romantic evening for you?
Well, it’s been a while since I had one. It would start with another masculine guy in the hot tub, maybe in Aspen, it’s snowing out, real cozy, just getting into each other.
So, you are single?
Yes, I am single. I guess doing porn might limit the pool, but in another way, I wouldn’t want a boyfriend who doesn’t want to see this side of me. When you get me, you get the whole package!
So, where do you want to take all this?
I want to spend a few years doing this, have a good time, then leave at the top of my game. I’d like to use porn to take me somewhere else. I’d like to open a private gym here or in Florida.
You actually seem kinda shy.
I kinda am when I go out as myself, but when I am appearing as Sam Tyson, I am more playful and an exhibitionist. The personalities merge.
Tell us about your dog.
I have a Golden Retriever. He’s two years old, and his name is Romeo.
Would you want another porn star as a boyfriend?
It would depend on who it was. I haven’t met a whole lot of them yet. Having a relationship is difficult.
Describe your perfect Valentine.
Masculine, fun-loving, about my height, takes care of himself, nonjudgmental, secure, confident, adventurous. And, of course, there has to be an attraction.
I know you are a Brad Pitt fan. How about him?
I like Brad Pitt, but I’d rather be him. Maybe I can be the Brad Pitt of gay porn! Hey, are you going to ask me if I were a Candy Conversation Heart, what would I say?
Sure, why not?
I would say, “Fuck me!” (laughs)

Reprinted from HX magazine (2003)