June 18, 2003

Movie Review: Nasty Nasty


Director: Jett Blakk.
Cast: Jason Ridge, Rob Romoni, Alex Leon, Sal Correlli, Paul Johnson, Andrew Addams, Doug Jeffries.

Hot on the heels of Thor Stephans’ Sex Psycho, along comes Nasty Nasty, another gay-porn tribute to the master of the macabre Alfred Hitchcock. However, director Jett Blakk seems to be more influenced by the early work of Brian De Palma (think Sisters) and the 1973 horror film Wicked Wicked than by Hitch. Supercute Jason Ridge plays twins who are separated at birth. One becomes a hairdresser while the other owes money to the mob—or something like that. (Hitchcock’s MacGuffin theory is as true today as it was when he created it.) Ridge starts things off with a rousing split-screen jack-off session, as both twins greet the day with a bang. He (as the evil twin) then proceeds to have steamy flip-flop sex with Paul Johnson in a rest stop. This scene is a highlight, as both men deliver sweaty performances and stunning cum shots. There are a couple of other scenes (a threeway with Andrew Addams, Doug Jeffries and Alex Leon; an okay fuck with a wooden Rob Romoni and cute Sal Correlli), but the entire DVD leads up to the final sequence in which Ridge literally fucks himself. Again, Blakk is borrowing a page from Jerry Douglas’s 1996 classic Flesh & Blood, in which Kurt Young fucked himself to better effect. (Some DVD-extra footage reveals the identity of Ridge’s body double.) But Nasty Nasty is still ambitious and inventive fun; too bad it gets tangled in its own plot devices and ends on a muddled, unsatisfying note. And even the good transfer and multiple extras won’t change that. (Red Devil Entertainment)

Reprinted from
Adult Video News magazine (2003)

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