August 10, 2002

Porn Star Interview: Rod Barry


Supercute Rod Barry is newly blond. “I was down in Florida,” he says, “drank a six-pack and decided to get my hair bleached.” That isn’t the only change this 28-year-old porn veteran has made in his life recently. After starting a wildly successful porn career in 1996—appearing in more than 30 films and being nominated for numerous awards—Barry has rejoined the industry with a vengeance. Besides his latest videos, including Falcon’s Deception, All Worlds’ Bringing Out Brother and MSR’s White Trash, Barry is touring once again. He hits Cherry’s on Fire Island soon, as part of agent David Forest’s porn-star series. Barry also stars in Forest Film’s first production, Brad’s Buddies, due this fall. HX recently caught up with the blue-eyed hottie from his day job in Indiana (another major change!) to find out why he left and why he’s back.

Rod, where have you been?
Well, I needed to take a break. After doing porn for a few years, I had fucked my ass off, made a lot of money and partied a lot, then it was time to stop. So I moved away to save my life.
How would you describe that first phase of your career?
It was fun. I have great memories that I wouldn’t trade for anything.
How did you get started originally?
I had been in the Marine Corps. I was stripping in San Diego and met [director] Dirk Yates of All Worlds Video. I did a solo scene in one of his Private Collection movies. Then it was a natural progression from there.
Were you nervous?
Nah, it came natural.
So you’ve always been an exhibitionist?
Yeah, I have always been pretty open. If I could run around naked all day, I would.
Had you been a porn fan?
Well, I used to sneak in and watch my dad’s porn tapes. Actually, it was funny to meet Sharon Kane and Nina Hartley and some of these other porn girls after whacking off to them as a 10-year-old.
Do you identify as gay, straight or bi these days?
I don’t. I’m just me. I’m just sexual.
Do you have a favorite movie that you’ve done?
Probably Link. I got to be real piggy in that one. Or High Tide, because I had such a great week in Hawaii and I only had to work for two days.
Favorite co-star?
Logan Reed. We are buddies and have danced all over the country together. He is actually the first guy I bottomed for on-screen. I picked him. We just connect.
Did you guys ever date?
No, I would never date someone in the industry. I would never date myself.
Are you single?
So, what made you decide to return to the business?
It was for the fun of it—and the money. My agent, David Forest, got me to go to the GayVN Awards last year. After that, I decided, okay, let’s do it again.
Is it strange to be back after all this time?
Well, on the last shoot I did, I kinda felt like I was the elder statesman. I was the oldest person there! I was surrounded by all these new exclusives. I mean, they could cum, like, six times, and I am just not at that point anymore. (laughs)
You have also toured and performed live a lot.
Yeah, I like to get up and get naked. It’s a compliment that someone would want to come and see me and get a signed picture. It amazes me. I don’t think of myself as that kind of person. I’m not some big musclebound guy. I have a swimmer’s build, but I get up and entertain, and I smile and dance. I love it.
And what can our readers expect from your show on Fire Island?
If they have seen my movies, they know what to expect: I am a sex pig. I like to give spankings, have fun, bring people onstage with me, party and just have a great time. I hope they enjoy the show. I can’t wait to talk to the people of New York City. It’s one of my favorite places.
How long will you stay in the porn industry this time?
As long as someone keeps thinking I am attractive, even if I am 40. You can be an older man and still look great. Plus, some people want to watch a man and not a boy. I can see myself making that transition on-screen.
Is there anything left that you haven’t done?
I think I’ve done everything. I have done pissing scenes and seen a guy shooting beer 15 feet out of his ass, thinking “If my mother could see me now.” So it’s kinda hard to top crazy shit like that! (laughs)

Reprinted from HX magazine (2002)

August 2, 2002

Porn Star Interview: Nate Bater

Top: Nate Bater (right) with boyfriend Matthew Faulkner
Bottom: (from left) Sam Dixon, Bater and Faulkner


Originally from:
Age: “I never give that out.”
Height: 5' 7''
Weight: 145
Distinguishing features: “My PA, blue eyes and red hair.”
Tattoos/piercings: “Four tattoos (an eye on my chest, a pair of stone falcons that wrap around my right arm, a star on the back of my neck and a gecko on my right ass cheek) and two piercings (PA and tongue).”
Penis size: 7 1/2 cut
Sexual orientation: Gay
Ethnic background: German
Education: Senior in college
First adult performance: Cornfedboyz #1 (Sports & Recreation Video)
Subsequent performances: Cornfedboyz #2 (Sports & Recreation Video)
What did you do before getting into porn? “I managed a computer-parts warehouse.”
How did you get into the industry? “I was strapped for cash and a friend told me about a Web site where you could sell items [jocks, socks, underwear and videos]. I found out that he had done a few videos and made lots of extra spending cash by selling them. So I grabbed my buddy Matthew Faulkner and said, ‘Let’s try doing a few videos.’ ”
How did you get your name? “A photographer friend called me ‘the master’ when I was masturbating on camera for him. Then he called me ‘Nate, the Masturbator,’ so I shortened it to Bater.”
Most memorable on-screen performance: “At first Matt and I were filming each other, but we wanted to improve our scenes, so we started looking for other people to film us. That was harder than you might think. We tried several friends, most of whom couldn’t keep there minds on filming. So we posted an ad on the Internet and found a guy who seemed semi-normal. We set up a time to film at his place. It turned out that he had a waist-high pile of nothing but doll heads! The scene turned out pretty good, but we were both glad to get out of there alive.”
Most memorable on-set performance not captured on tape: “So far all we’ve done is amateur stuff, so it’s not really edited much.”
Favorite co-star? Matthew Faulkner
Favorite sex act: “Eating Matt’s sweet ass.”
What are your long-term goals? “Finishing my B.A. this spring and my master’s in the next two years. Pornwise, Matt and I are totally open to appearing in a studio film if the opportunity presents itself. We enjoy performing for anyone who likes to watch. As long as there are fans, we’re happy to perform.”

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2002)